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Creating an App – How Much Will it Cost?
Creating an App – How Much Will it Cost?

In the age of smartphones, there are dozens of apps created for work, entertainment and making life more comfortable. They are extremely relevant. Due to this, a lot of companies and freelancers offer their app development services, and entrepreneurs are interested in their cost. How much does it cost to make an app? To answer this question, you need to learn several factors.

Freelance or a Development Company?

Freelancers usually are cheaper, and their work is usually paid hourly. A webmaster will cost approximately $20 per hour. At the same time, there is always a risk of misunderstanding in design questions, etc. A company usually asks a higher price but provides better quality.

Developer Location

If an investor needs the cheapest app, then it’s better to contact Indian developers. The next cheapest options are specialists from Eastern and Western Europe. The United States features the highest prices. Which ones are better? It depends on the goals set.

Application Complexity

Complex and multifunctional applications are quite expensive. Their cost starts at 40 thousand dollars. To create them, you need a few specialists and over 500 hours of work. The most advanced apps’ price is over 100 thousand dollars, as they require a whole team of specialists. Still, there are simple ones, and their cost is about 20 thousand dollars.

Design Solutions

Design development varies in prices around the world not as clearly as the work of programmers. On average, $19 per hour is paid for the simplest design, while for advanced one – $67 per hour. As a rule, investors pay eagerly for visual design, since it can make their applications much more profitable.

Android or iOS

Android is more popular than iOS, and application development for it is cheaper. The audience using iOS has a higher purchasing power, so an app on this platform brings more money. True, the development for iOS will be more expensive too.

You can create an application DIY. For this purpose, there are special templates. Such a product is quite simple but will be twice cheaper.

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