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How Social Media Can Support Your Search Engine Optimization Plan
How Social Media Can Support Your Search Engine Optimization Plan

Does social media help with Search Engine Optimization? – According to Google, social media is NOT a ranking factor when it comes to search engine optimization. But it’s not that simple. SEO and Social media are related to each other more than you think. They are basically in a mutually-beneficial relationship. But most marketers do not think they are linked together. The reason for this is that most marketers are unaware of how something like Social Media can be integrated with Search Engine Optimization.

Nonetheless, there are many ways by which Social Media can be used in your advantage in order to support your Search Engine Optimization plan. And we are here to share with you a few ways by which you can use Social Media to your advantage. If you want a little more professional help regarding social media you can try visiting websites like Floodlight SEO in Minneapolis.

4 Ways by which Social Media can Support your Search Engine Optimization Plan: –

1. Social Media has the potential for Links: – The more your content is shared on Social Media, the more people will see it. A few years ago, a case study was done in which a page got more than 130K shares on Facebook and this shot up the ranking for its keyword phrases that were in competition. This is a great way of good content creation and promotion. But why did this happen? It is not about the number of shares a page gets, it is about the number of links that come from it.

And this is not just for Facebook, same goes with Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. If your content is good, more people will be attracted to it and the more they share, the more link you will get from other websites.

2. Social Media Helps in building an audience: – Maybe you have the best product or service out there, but if people don’t know about it then it’s useless. In today’s world with so many competitors in every niche, you need to be proactive and reach people instead of waiting for them to reach you. And where will you find a lot of people to reach? Yes, Social Media. 

Facebook has more than 2 Billion active users. With this many users, you can reach people all over the world and build an audience for your brand. But how does it help with SEO? Well, the more people see your page and brand, the more familiar they will be with it. So, when they search for competitive keywords and your brand appears on Google, they will click on your page because of familiarity.

3. Social Media Websites have become search engine itself: – People don’t just go to google for searching, they use social media channels as well. Understand the fact that search engine optimization includes the searches that happen in Social Media websites as well. 

Suppose, a person who wants to check out your company will search about you on Facebook or Twitter and see how much online presence you have. Try to keep your social media accounts active and share good content there, this will help create a brand trust among your customers.

4. Social Media helps optimize your own profile: –  Social media helps in optimizing your profiles. You as an owner of the company must have a good presence on the internet. The more you optimize your social media profile, the more it will rank in search engines. So, when people search for your name they will find your social links as well as your website. With the proper use of social media, you can get to the top SERP and get more organic clicks on your website.

Conclusion: –

There you go these are the top 4 ways by which social media can help you with Search Engine Optimize optimization.

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