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Creative Content Marketing Advice to Boost Your Brand
Creative Content Marketing Advice to Boost Your Brand

Content marketing provides tremendous value to advertisers, allowing brands to get their message across on social platforms at little cost. To bring your content marketing strategy to its fullest potential, it’s essential to utilize creative content writing.

Fortunately, creative content writing doesn’t necessarily mean producing original ideas from scratch. The best copywriters are the ones who draw inspiration from other sources to create their own unique material. If you can write compelling copy, consumers will flock to your posts. If the text is relevant to your brand and ultimately ties back to your business, you can expect a nice payday. This content marketing advice will get you started:

What Is Compelling Content?

You want the ideas mentioned in your posts to stick in the consumer’s head after he or she finishes reading. Write something your audience will care about. Put a new spin on a topic related to your brand or offer advice that will bring consumers a step closer to converting. Telling a compelling story or conveying valuable information in your posts will encourage readers to press the “share” button.

The Anatomy of a Great Post

The best posts hook the reader with a powerful introduction and communicate their ideas with fluidity. Articles should focus on a central point while answering the following questions: What’s interesting about this topic? What are you bringing to the table? What will readers take away from the post? Once you answer these questions, consumers will engage with your topic.

Strong body text uses animated verbs and adjectives. You can use a thesaurus to come up with more powerful words. As long as your content remains easy to understand after you beef it up, synonyms are your friends.

From a marketer’s perspective, the post should have a strong call to action. You generally shouldn’t product push in your creative marketing content, but you should nudge the consumer to think about your brand. This doesn’t always come in the shape of a lead form. Asking a question at the end of the post can start a conversation among readers. As long as that conversation is relevant to your brand, the article can help bring in new leads.

The most important element of your post happens to be the last piece you should write—the headline. Figure out what you want to say, write about it, and then come up with a snappy headline to pull it all together. When you construct your title, make your key point clear.

Great Content Marketing Examples

1-800-GOT-JUNK has a terrific blog page. Note how their headlines are relevant to the target audience. The premise is simple—provide tips to help people clean their homes and maximize living space. Somewhere down the line, they may need to hire 1-800-GOT-JUNK to clear the clutter. The article also uses conversational, down-to-earth language. Best of all, they don’t push their services. These posts get people to naturally think about those services without feeling like they’re being sold to. Many articles end with a question or a link to another post as well, which keeps the ball rolling and gets those conversations started.

Moz is known for its informative, long-form blog posts. Articles provide SEO advice that’s easy to understand. Posts offer one or more SEO insights, so the blog is constantly churning out relevant content. Moz’s thoughtful advice increases the brand’s credibility, thus encouraging the consumer to trust Moz as potential service provider.

Allstate could have easily made their blog revolve around customers they’ve covered. Instead, they choose to offer safety tips and vehicle-related advice. This site is useful for both customers and consumer targets, as it provides top-notch DIY information. They’re pretty big on list articles too, which make for easily-digestible reads.

Finding Inspiration for Creative Content

Start by learning what your target audience cares about. Try to identify common problems they may come across, and use your creative content to write about solutions to those issues. It’s also great to know what kind of language resonates with consumers. Check out the voice in other content marketing materials that consumers in your niche are interested in.

Caring is sharing. When you pump out creative content that assists them in some way, you’ll be thanked with both shares and business.

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