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Ektor.io Review – Is it still working in 2020?
Ektor.io Review – Is it still working in 2020?

If you landed on this article, it must be because you want to know if Ektor.io is a legit and trustful solution. Whether you are just starting out with your Instagram account or want to stimulate your growth before launching or promoting a new product, there is no shortage of Instagram growth tools to help you achieve your goals.

Ektor.io is an Instagram growth software, but it takes a different approach compared to much of its competition. It’s the latest, stable automation tool available for Instagram. EKtor.io allows you to automate tasks such as liking, commenting, following and story viewing in a safe manner. Using Ektor.io won’t hurt your account’s trust score.

In this review article, we’re going to consider the pros and the cons of Ektor.io.

It allows you to run an automation tool that will grow your Instagram account safely and securely from the comfort of your desktop or laptop.

What is Ektor.io?

Ektor.io is an Instagram growth desktop software that helps you grow your Instagram profile. It takes a very different approach as it’s not subscription-based; it’s a one-time-payment download. 

The company doesn’t store any of your data on their servers. You run the program by yourself. At the end of the day, it is 100% yours; because it runs entirely on your end.

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Ektor.io promises organic growth that’s powered by artificial intelligence. Most Instagram bots are rocket launchers; they bulk-interact with worthless profiles (SPOILER: it screws up your growth). But Ektor.io is different, it’s like a sniper. It has the proper filters and settings to get the ‘ideal profile’ to join your audience.

How does Ektor.io works?

It’s quite simple actually, after downloading and installing the program – that can be installed on both MacOS and Windows – you just need to launch the software to land on the dashboard. There, you can log yourself in with your Instagram credentials. It seems like you can login with different accounts very easily.

Then you just need to choose an action you want to automate, between Liking, Commenting, Following, Story Viewing. They’re all effective and not spammy. We just said earlier that Ektor.io was like a sniper; it’s because the filters and settings are built in a manner that allows you to target the right audience.

Also, Ektor.io is feature-rich. All automation tasks are AI-Based, the software allows you to set up a proxy. Ektor.io customer support was quite fast, which is always a good point. But most important, Ektor.io allows you to achieve results that cannot be done by any other alternative. It’s possible to perform more than 1000 likes per day, it was hard to believe at first but it seems like they finally bypass Instagram’s algorithm in order to deliver an undetectable solution. 

Did Ektor.io stole Instabotai’s code?

No! Unlike what you may have read on some forums this is not the case. Ektor.io was entirely hand-coded by the development team. The owner of Instabotai has suffered a lot of controversies due to license violations on GitHub. But Ektor.io never stole anything to anyone.

At one time, it is true that both Instabotai and Ektor.io used facial recognition, but the two codes are totally different. To silence the haters and get out of this slanderous story, Ektor.io has decided to stop facial recognition in order to avoid any further link with Instabotai repository.

Is Ektor.io safe?

Yes! Even in 2020! Widely considered as the safest Instagram growth solution, Ektor.io is definitely secure to use. Your account doesn’t risk anything using this tool. Ektor.io dev team has created an algorithm, that adheres to Instagram rules and limits.

You won’t get banned or hurt your trust-score using this software. It purely imitates the behavior of a human using machine learning. Finally, it emulates the latest version of the Instagram mobile app and automatically generates a dedicated cookie session ID during login.

Ektor.io Pros & Cons


14-day money-back guarantee

No subscription

You own the software

It is completely safe and free of any type of risk

You can trust them


No free trial

Final thoughts on Ektor.io Review

It’s clear at this point that Ektor.io is pretty effective. It will boost your Instagram following safely. Instagram bots like Ektor.io allow you to stop putting all of your time and money into worthless Instagram ads, and let you build up your Instagram audience organically.

It uses AI to detect real profiles, so you get engagement from real users from your niche. Downloading this software is certainly the best thing to do right now. The one-time-payment is a major bonus, since thousands of users participate in the improvement of the bot and receive updates at the same time.

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