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Get Ahead of the Summer 2021 Fashion Trends with Helen Schifter
Get Ahead of the Summer 2021 Fashion Trends with Helen Schifter

Despite the ongoing pandemic that is happening worldwide, summer is right around the corner and everyone is looking to get the inside scoop on hat trends are going to be popular this coming summer. Well luckily, we have the style icon Helen Schifter to tell us what to add to our closet before they go flying off the shelves. So stay tuned and get ready to look incredibly fashionable this 2021 summer!

Helen Schifter is known for her amazing taste. As a former fashion editor, her unique aesthetic can be expressed through not only her clothing, but through her interest in interior design. She offers a helping hand for designing apartments in both Manhattan and Long Island. In addition to clothing and home decor, Schifter is also a huge fan of collecting paintings, she even has a special piece which was given to her by the one and only Anna Wintour. According to Charity and Life, Schifter believes that, “the value of designing, whether it be putting oneself together and maintaining an impressive clothing wardrobe or designing the inside of one’s home, transcends the beauty of the final product. It also provides other added benefits to those involved in the process. There’s a certain feeling of pleasure that one derives from the process. The process can also be exciting; as you are working on making-up your own possessions – whether that be the inside of your own home and abode, or dressing yourself up.”

So as an expert on fashion and design, what can she predict about the upcoming trends this summer season? Below is a few predictions on what Helen Schifter thinks everyone should wear once the weather warms up:

  1. Crop Tops

This suggestion can seem a little basic, but it is the ultimate summer fad. Full length tanks are a thing of the past, and crop tops are moving its way up the ladder. Pair this top with a pair of shorts and sandals and you have a cute outfit to soak up the sun.

  1. Puffy Sleeves

For a nice and breezy summer evening, throw on a cute top with long puffy sleeves to add style to any normal outfit. It is a perfect look for a night on the town.

  1. Black Masks

It must be 2021, because we are actually talking about face masks as a form of fashion. Black masks are a super chic look to pair with any ensemble this coming summer. Since the color is simple and will match anything, it is an easy way to be trendy this year.

  1. Sheer

Although it is not a trend for everyone, sheer is making a splash this summer season. Whether it be a sheer maxi dress or just a top, it is a nice light fabric that will keep people feeling comfortable and stylish at the same time. 

Although this summer will not necessarily be the same as those in the past, it is still important to keep up with current trends and incorporate them as your own. The summer of 2021 will be full of color and fun, creative styles that could be worn in the house or out at a restaurant. Helen Schifter encourages people to get into fashion, because it is fun to express your personality through clothing. And there is something about keeping up with trends that make people feel youthful. Make sure to make a statement this year by throwing on a crop top and pairing it with a chic mask, and remember to enjoy yourselves despite the uncertain times. It is never a bad time to make a fashion statement.

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