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3 Ways Brands Can Target Millennials on Instagram
3 Ways Brands Can Target Millennials on Instagram

The millennial generation is the first to spend more time on social media than on traditional media channels such as television or the radio. This generation of young and tech-savvy consumers engages with social media much differently than an older audience would. Millennials demand instant access to information, chase after the newest trends, and seek greater control over the information they acquire. One of the best social media platforms to target young consumers is Instagram, which has acquired over 700 million users, 60% of which are millennials. To better understand how to effectively target millennials on Instagram, here are three useful tips that marketers can use to get their attention.

1. Leverage Instagram Influencers

Brands can reach audiences beyond their own networks by leveraging Instagram influencers’ large followings. Influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote products and services to millennials, who are always ready to consume content from top celebrities and influencers on social media. From tagging products in their posts to referencing brands in their posts’ captions, influencers can naturally draw their followers’ attention to the brands they are marketing for. With influencer marketing, companies can grow their social followings and drive product sales while adding credibility to the brand.

2. Create Sponsored Ads

While brands can opt to organically grow their audience, one effective way to create relevant marketing messages for a targeted audience such as the millennials is through Instagram’s sponsored advertisements. Sponsored ads are a great way for brands to introduce themselves to a new audience because the app allows marketers to incorporate a range of call-to-action buttons such as “Shop Now,” “Download,” “Sign up” and more.

If the aesthetics of the sponsored ads align with their tastes, millennials are more likely to engage with the sponsored ads and the brands. Additionally, brands can make Instagram video ads up to 60 seconds long, which have been proven to be successful amongst Instagram users of all ages. Not only do sponsored ads guarantee a certain amount of impressions, it’s also a great method for brands to boost user engagement and sales at low cost.

3. Use Instagram Stories

Millennials have been loving the Instagram stories feature, which has become one of the best ways for brands to market their products by generating 10-second videos that are available for users to view within 24 hours. Companies can utilize this feature to communicate more complete messages to their audiences (a series of videos can capture exponentially more than still photos).

Additionally, brands can add a personal touch to their Stories by using filters, hashtag stickers, and the eraser tool. The ephemeral nature of Instagram stories appeals to millennials, who can interact with the content immediately. Hence, this great social feature allows businesses to engage with the millennials in a fun and interactive way.

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