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How to Achieve Consistent Branding on Social Media
How to Achieve Consistent Branding on Social Media

Beyond hiring an all-star team of employees and driving sales, building a small business requires crafting an effective brand. According to contributor , what makes a brand effective is its set of highly interconnected business identity attributes, for example, one’s core values and distinct selling points. These elements, in addition to maintaining consistency over digital and social media channels, can help cultivate a loyal customer following, says Agrawal.

One way to achieve consistent branding is through the look of a brand, which is determined by its logo, layout, colors and any other design elements that may construct its visual identity. Keeping these elements uniform across all platforms will maintain the visual cohesion you seek in communicating with your customers.

Yet, while the growth of digital marketing has made visual branding easier, the challenge most entrepreneurs face is effectively telling their company’s story over social media channels. Brands that only share content about their products can become boring for followers, so it’s important to post relevant, curated content that links to the overall theme and identity of your business.

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