Influencing the Influencers: IBM's Advanced Influencer Marketing Strategy
Influencing the Influencers: IBM’s Advanced Influencer Marketing Strategy
Influencing the Influencers: IBM’s Advanced Influencer Marketing Strategy

If you’ve spent any time on the Internet in the last few months (and we know you have), you’ve probably heard a lot of buzz around the topics of AI, deep learning, and cognitive marketing. Yes, the machines are coming (tip: they’re already here), they’re getting smarter, AND they’re providing limitless new opportunities for businesses that know how to harness their power.

The Future of Influencer Marketing Is Already Here

Enter IBM—and its little cognitive customer engagement project known as “Watson” (yes, the same Watson that beat all those Jeopardy masters on TV). IBM has always been on the forefront of technology. And over the past several years it’s hosted an annual conference called “IBM Amplify” that brings together IBM’s brightest minds and technology, its customers, partners, and a cadre of industry influencers known as “IBM Futurists”.

This network of influencers is hand-picked by IBM to help spread the word about its technologies. That facet of influencer marketing is nothing new. But the genius with IBM’s influencer marketing strategy lies in its long-term approach to cultivating bilateral and mutually beneficial relationships with its team of influencers and Futurists.

Influencer Marketing Examples from IBM Amplify 2017

SocialMediaExplorer’s CEO, Drew Neisser, is onsite at IBM Amplify 2017 and he took some time to speak with IBM’s Director of Social & Influencers, Amy Tennison, about the masterful nuances of IBM’s influencer marketing strategy. An IBM Futurist himself, Drew also spoke with a couple of his fellow Futurists, Brian Moran and Jason Falls, about their experiences as IBM Futurists and what they both give and receive as amplifiers of IBM’s marketing technology.

We invite you to listen to the podcast below (recorded right from the conference floor) and to reach out to Amy, Brian, Jason or Drew to learn more about IBM Amplify—or influencer marketing in general.

You can also listen to additional insightful conversations from Drew’s new podcast series: . In the meantime, continue to seek out and embrace change, latch on to new ideas, and amplify those things that truly inspire you!

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