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How to Get Started with Creating a Vision Board
How to Get Started with Creating a Vision Board


A vision board is a visual aid, like a poster board, where someone can post the things that matter the most to them, such as goals to achieve, places to go, or who they want to be in their life. Used as a tactic to keep people on track, vision boards are used by professionals, such as lawyer Diego Ruiz Duran, in order to keep their goals in their path and encourage them to reach them. Using them in day to day life may be the push someone needs to really achieve their life goals.

How are Vision Boards Made?

A vision board is really anything the creator wants it to be, as it is a reflection of what they want to get out of it. More often than not, it is made up of a board, possibly a poster board or just a simple piece of paper. The board is usually covered in affirmations, lists, photographs, or other things that represent what someone wants to achieve.

How do Vision Boards Work?

These visuals are the representations of the goals someone is aiming for, allowing them to look at their goals as tangible objects, words, or general things that they can picture. In this way, it becomes easier to understand and visualize what someone wants to achieve.

If the question of “What is your goal for the next month?” is asked, it may be hard to answer it honestly while thinking on the spot. When the time is taken to lay out the physical representations of a goal, it becomes easier to articulate and understand the goals of the next month, since real thought and a dive into the psyche is done while putting a vision board together.

How are Vision Boards Used Professionally?

While vision boards are often not recognized as a business practice, introducing them into the world of business and professionals can provide a way to achieve professional goals in a more efficient way. For example, Diego Ruiz Duran is a lawyer who uses vision boards in his everyday professional practice. Business goals can be just as confusing to articulate in the moment as personal goals, which is where a vision board provides some ease to the thought process. Laying out the goals of a company, or even a law practice, on a vision board is a way to make sure everything is achieved and that there are clear goals set to progress a business.

Vision Boards are a Way to Achieve

Vision boards are a productive way to visually represent goals someone wants to achieve. In order to achieve the goals someone has laid out for themselves, they need to be aware of them, understanding what they want the final results to be. When it is laid out in a visual aid such as a vision board, goals become clearer, and thus, they become easier to reach. Laying out goals and allowing oneself to truly understand what they mean is the start to productively achieving them.

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