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6 Ways To Boost Your Instagram Discoverability Using SEO
6 Ways To Boost Your Instagram Discoverability Using SEO


If you are planning to use Instagram for your business, the best way to enhance your success rate is by boosting your following first. Your sales are highly dependable on how much people reach you. So, you need to optimize your Instagram.

The trickiest part of Instagram SEO is being found on the platform. Additionally, Instagram SEO is a little bit different from Google SEO. So, it will take some time to get used to.

Why You Should Optimize Instagram

You must be thinking why Instagram is so important or why it should take up your precious time? Here are some stats to clear your doubts.

  • Instagram has nearly 1 billion active users.
  • People spend an average of 53 minutes on Instagram daily.
  • Two-thirds of the whole Instagram users are 34 years or younger.
  • 83% of people prefer Instagram to discover new services or products.

The above data shows the importance of Instagram to enhance your business productivity. However, you need to be careful. In this article, we will discuss the 5 best Instagram SEO ideas to boost your visibility.

Optimize Your Instagram Profile for Searching Purpose

The Instagram search operates a bit like Google to deliver the most pertinent profile based on your search term. However, the search results depend on the accounts you follow and connect.

Also, the post you liked on Instagram plays a massive role to determine relevance. Additionally, the keyword also has a massive influence. Here’s how:

  • Name and Username: If you add a primary keyword in your name and username, it will improve your chances to be shown in the relevant searches.
  • Bio: You can also add keywords to your Instagram bio. The blank place can be used to add relevant secondary keywords.

Choose a Caption That Is Keyword-Optimized

On the Instagram Explore page, you can only use location tags and hashtags to find content. Besides that, Instagram also serves content recommendations based on your interests and interactions.

For example, if you regularly check gaming-related posts, then your Explore page will most likely provide content based on the gaming world. That’s where your post captions take part.

The Instagram Explore page is based on an account embedding framework algorithm that identifies similar Instagram accounts. Also, it uses name, bio, username, and caption to identify how accounts are relevant to one another.

That’s the main reason why you should write descriptive and innovative captions with relevant keywords. This will also help your post to show up on the Explore page of relevant users. 

Treat Hashtags As Keywords

On Instagram, the main purpose of the keyword is to help users discover relevant content. However, a hashtag functions a lot like a keyword. When you search for a particular hashtag, you get all the posts tagged with the same specific hashtag. Similarly, if you tag your post with a certain hashtag, then it will show up when someone searches for that particular hashtag.

According to https://www.forbes.com, to attract the right audience, you need to tag your posts with appropriate hashtags relevant to the content. However, try not to overuse the hashtags and the caption space as it will look negative. Instagram permits you to use a maximum of 30 hashtags in one post. But you should not add more than 10 hashtags at once.If you want your post to gain quick likes, then buy 20 Instagram likes.

Getting Tagged Can Boost Your Discoverability

When people tag your username in their post or story, other people can visit your profile through the username. So, the more you get tagged, the more audiences you can attract.

For example, you could encourage your audiences to tag you or your products in their images, to get featured in your post. You should let them know that you appreciate them by reposting some of their photos.

Additionally, you can organize some giveaway contests and that requires tagging your account. This way you can highly boost the number of tags.

Use Alt Text Wisely

Instagram has a special feature that allows you to create an alternative text to clearly describe your photo in detail. With the help of a screen reader, the app then reads out the image description or caption that informs you what the photo contains. This feature was invented to help users who are visually impaired.

However, you can also use the alt text feature for Instagram SEO. By using keywords in your alt text, the Instagram algorithm can clearly understand what the image contains and how it can be relevant for certain users.

Although Instagram creates alt text automatically for your images, make sure you edit the section to make it more detailed or descriptive. 

Beware Of Black Hat SEO

When you are struggling to get visibility on Instagram, you may think that black hat Instagram SEO tactics can help you to get fast responses. But remember, these quick solutions are not permanent. They don’t turn your account truly visible.

Additionally, Instagram has started to crack down on accounts that repeatedly use third party software to avail visibility. If you use bots to generate fake followers and fake likes, your account might face a permanent ban on the platform.


These are the 6 tips to boost your Instagram discoverability using SEO. You need to create and update your Instagram account meticulously because your account will distinguish you from any other basic business. So, boost up your account visibility with these 6 tips so that you can enhance your brand awareness among a relevant audience.

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