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How to Increase Cybersecurity at Your Company
How to Increase Cybersecurity at Your Company

Cybersecurity is an ever-present threat, and it’s become more difficult to keep large amounts of sensitive information secure since the pandemic hit and businesses of all sizes shifted their operations online. Cybercriminals do their best work by taking advantage of uncertainty and inefficiency, which is why the numbers have soared since the lockdown restriction began and many companies sent their employees to work at home with little notice or time to prepare. One way to safeguard against cybercrime is by using a managed IT Service, or managed service provider (MSP).  

An MSP will monitor and audit your IT infrastructure on a regular basis and test it against the latest criminal methods. They will also identify weaknesses in your website and network, implement preventative safety features like multi-factor identification, and offer regular advice and safety tips. MSPs do all this and more to keep their clients secure. 

Up-to-date and affordable tech tools 

With so much valuable data online these days, it’s no wonder cybercriminals are relentless in their efforts to steal information. To protect your valuable data, revenue streams, and reputation, it’s best to keep up to date with the latest cybersecurity measures. These include VPNs, password managers, darknet scanners, firewalls, virus scanners, and disk encryption. 

Using a VPN, or virtual private network, will allow you to interact safely with employees and clients, ensuring that data is transferred securely. A password manager for your business is another simple security solution, meaning you only have one master password to keep track of while still keeping your other passwords secure. 

Centralized Security

The shift to online digital environments has been unprecedented. It has come with many advantages and a few drawbacks. The downside is the security issues, in part caused by new methods of cybercrime but also caused by the increase in digital tools and software. There are now multiple networks and machines sharing loads, which can be difficult to manage. 

Centralized security, another benefit of using an MSP, can act as an all-in-one administrator for your digital enterprise. It will manage your network, security, protocol, and applications all from a centralized, integrated platform that’s easy for you to access. 

Effective Backup Solutions

One worry some businesses have deals with the idea that everything is in one location. This means that their data is vulnerable if there is some kind of crash or disturbance in that specific spot. MSPs have a variety of solutions for this major problem.

There are several ways an MSP can back up your data, using anything from cloud storage to local access networks. All good MSPs will have a mainframe facility where you can store business or industry data, such as company files and customer information. This will also be backed up by your MSP and fully secured.

Technology Assessment

One of the first and most important things an MSP will do for your business is carry out a technological assessment. They will assess the capabilities of your network and systems and identify any security issues. As it’s an integrated service, any changes need to your systems should be covered under your agreement.

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