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How to Post to IGTV
How to Post to IGTV

IGTV has been out for a while, but many Instagrammers are still wondering, “what is IGTV?” While some Instagrammers like to think of IGTV as Instagram’s attempt to rival Youtube, IGTV is far more than that. Both a feature on Instagram and its own standalone app, IGTV lets any Instagram user upload long-form videos for vertical viewing.

What is IGTV and how do I use it?

This vertical streaming is a game-changing innovation that makes it easier for users to watch their favorite brands and influencers from their mobile phones. Interested in expanding your brand with IGTV? Here are the initial four steps to start using the new platform as part of your Instagram marketing strategy.

  1. Start by Creating an IGTV Channel

You can watch and upload videos on the native Instagram app, but influencers and brands that are serious about using IGTV need to create a channel. Start by downloading the app, then signing into Instagram. Do this by going to settings and tapping “create channel”.

Much like TV channels, IGTV allows every Instagram user to become their own channel. Though IGTV is a different platform, your followers will transfer from the regular Instagram app to IGTV.

  1. Upload Your Videos on IGTV

Once the IGTV channel is up, you can start uploading your videos. Navigate to your channel, then tap the avatar. Next, press the “+” icon. This will allow you to upload a new video. You will then be prompted to choose a video that is already on your camera roll.

If you already have content created, go ahead and upload it. If you are ready to create content, keep in mind that the videos will be viewed vertically.

  1. Adding Copy and Written Content

While IGTV is all about video content, you still need to create some written content for your videos. When writing the description, you can include links and hashtags. This is an essential step if you hope to expand your audience and make money with IGTV.

Be sure to do proper hashtag research to include the right keywords that will help you attract new viewers. Similarly, including relevant links to your store or webpage will ensure that your viewers can find out more about your brand or purchase any products that were included in the video.

Once you’ve added your description and a creative title, you’ll need to choose an appropriate cover photo. For the cover photo, you can either create a custom image or use a video thumbnail. Whatever you choose, be sure to pick an image that will catch the attention of your followers.

  1. Publish Your Video and Check Your Analytics

Once everything is in place, press “post” and that’s it! You’re ready to takeover IGTV with incredible video content. As you start planning for your next videos, be sure to regularly check in on the analytics of your first post. By monitoring the amount of engagement your video on IGTV receives, you’ll be able to better determine what type of videos your followers respond to.

As an extension of Instagram and a standalone app, IGTV promises to be an exciting addition for influencers and brands willing to create exclusive content for the app. As you get used to the app, challenge yourself to make more engaging and higher-quality videos. While IGTV is more laid back than other video sharing platforms, quality content is always key. Some of your followers are probably still be asking “what is IGTV and how do I use it?” so make sure you stay ahead of the game!

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