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Make Your Hashtags Work Harder with a Hashtag Analytics Tool
Make Your Hashtags Work Harder with a Hashtag Analytics Tool

Hashtags were originally used as a grouping mechanism on Twitter. Users added hashtags in hopes of connecting their tweets to others on the same subject. That made it easy to search for a hashtag, instantly viewing a list of posts on the desired topic. Hashtags can represent movie or book titles as well as general terms like #momlife and #TGIF.

The hashtag trend is now heavily used by businesses and online marketers not just on Twitter but also on Instagram and Facebook. If you’re marketing on any of these platforms and aren’t using hashtags effectively, you’re missing one of the most natural and most effective strategies to interact with your ideal customer.

You’re going to post on social media anyway. Why not use a hashtag tool to generate the best hashtags and then analyze results in term of reach and engagement? Your posts will thank you as they spread to a broader audience that includes more of your ideal viewers.

Why Do You Need a Hashtag Tool?

The right hashtag analytics tool will take the guesswork out of hashtag marketing. There are different types of tools, and you may need more than one to enhance your social media campaigns. For instance, a hashtag generator will quickly identify the best hashtags for each of your social media posts. The best tools will determine hashtag popularity and other factors rather than just suggesting random hashtags.

A more comprehensive analytical tool may suggest hashtags in addition to showing how many times your hashtag appears in posts and is shared by other users. Some hashtag tools also track impressions and overall reach.

The analytical side of a useful tool will help you determine the best time of day to post on various social media sites and which hashtags to use to reach your desired audience. If you follow up by interacting with your target market through comments, likes, and shares, you can boost results from your social media marketing strategy.

The Best Tools for Hashtag Generation, Tracking and Analytics

Whether you need a tool for Facebook hashtag tracking or you’re more focused on Instagram or Twitter, there are many quality options available today. The following list will introduce you to some of the best tools, chosen for their ease of use, effectiveness, and reliability.


This is one of the more popular tools for hashtag marketing on Twitter and Instagram. All features are focused on strategic hashtag marketing, including:

  • Identify effective hashtags
  • Determine popularity for specific hashtags
  • Research hashtag trends
  • Monitor hashtag use and engagement
  • Set up social media campaigns
  • Research your competitors

Hashtagify also offers personalized suggestions that will help you strengthen your social media campaigns. Social influencer features are also included so that you can track the effectiveness of your influencers as well as your hashtags.

You’ll pay between $19 and $249 per month for this hashtag and influencer tool. The personal account is perfect for many people, but you may benefit from the business or enterprise account if you need higher precision or want to follow more popular influencers with more significant followings.

Rebel Mouse

If you create your own hashtags and want to monitor their success, RebelMouse is your ideal hashtag tool. The tool will do more than follow your hashtags and deliver analytical information to guide your campaign. It will also collect posts using your hashtag from all over the internet, and you can display them on your website.

That’s an effective way to launch cross-platform promotions that keep traffic flowing between social media and your website or blog. RebelMouse focuses on content generation and distribution in general so you can use it to streamline your content marketing process while boosting results. Unlike Hashtagify, it works on Facebook as well as Instagram and Twitter.

The pricing for this tool isn’t as clear cut as with other social tools. You can request a proposal from the website for a plan that includes the features most relevant to your social media campaigns.

Bundle Post

If you use HubSpot or Hootsuite, this hashtag tool will integrate with those systems smoothly. It goes beyond a hashtag count tool to offer some unique features. For instance, you can use Bundle Post to turn keywords within your existing content into hashtags. You can then run analytical searches on those keywords to identify competing for content across the internet.

You can also use Bundle Post to manage and automate your social media posts across a variety of platforms. If you want to spend less time on social media while boosting your results, this is the tool that may help.

You will pay between $39 and $249 per month, depending on which package you select and whether you pay quarterly or monthly. You receive a one-hour consultation if you pay quarterly, and the enterprise account allows you to add customized features.

Are you ready to boost your social media results? Pick up one of these tools and start exploring the world of hashtags in more depth.

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