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Why backlink juice is an important aspect of SEO
Why backlink juice is an important aspect of SEO

Link juice is the value that is passed from one site to another through the use of hyperlinks. When you conduct a keyword search, the search engine follows links to a site to determine its ranking on the results page. Therefore, backlink juice for seo is very important in the process of searching for keywords and ranking high on search engine results. Below, we will look at the reasons why backlink juice is an important part of SEO.

Domain name and page authority

Backlinks are very important aspect of SEO for they play an important part in the ranking of your site. The value of the links that are coming to your site determines the authority that your site will have. If you are receiving links from credible websites, then your site’s authority will greatly increase. As a result, your site will rank high when a search for the related keyword is conducted.

Gives you referral traffic

A website without traffic is as good as useless. This is because; it is not playing its primary role of passing information about your business and products to potential clients. On the other hand, you can buy backlinks that are very important in SEO for they enable people to come to your website by clicking on the referral links from other websites. With backlinks, you get more traffic flowing to your website. If you delve deeper into linkbuilding, you may find that the traffic that it’s bringing far exceeds the organic traffic that you get from search engines.  

Brand visibility

Link building involves creating guest posts and outreach content for other websites. Many publishing sites are always looking for fresh content and when writing for them, you will not only be doing them a favor, but also exposing your business and brand to online readers. That way, you get brand visibility that will be helpful when selling goods and services online as people will already have trust with your brand. In addition, brand recognition will enable you to get direct traffic from your audience.

Brand authority

You can take link building as an excuse to publish in niche publisher sites where you can become an expert in your industry. If you are so good at what you are doing, you can build a name in the industry and become a recognizable authority in your niche. That way, you will not only get readers to respect your opinions, but also start seeing people asking for your advice and opinions on topics relating to your industry. That way, your brand will become an authority. And as people continue to read your high quality content, they will develop interest in seeing your site and in the end, get increased referral traffic and conversions.

Exposure to other industry authorities

Guest posting works in two ways; as you guest post on other people’s websites, you have an opportunity to read what other professionals are writing about on those sites. In the process, you gain a lot of ideas and tips on the different topics on the site. In addition, you can attract other industry experts to post on your own blog. This can be an important thing because the posters will include outbound links on your site. In the end, you will gain free content for your site, free ideas for your future posts as well as a great connection between you and your audience.

Benefit from influencer marketing

Many external publishers are well established in the market. As they command a large following and if you guest post and backlink from their sites, they are going to reciprocate by marketing your content to their followers. This can enable you to reap big rewards in the form of quality traffic to your own site as well as brand recognition.

Improved trust and credibility

By backlinking on a credible publisher, you will improve your credibility and trust amongst clients. This is because; you will have bragging rights that your brand is associated with the respected publisher. In fact, many brands display logos of the publishers where they appeared and this comes as a proof of association with those sources.  Putting such logos on your site makes it more authoritative and credible thereby resulting in more conversion rates.

Backlinks are permanent

Unlike in paid advertisements, links posted on other sites remains active for long periods of time. This means that these links are always active and potent in bringing in visitors to your site. In paid advertisements, you rent a link for a temporary period of time. However, guest posting allows you to receive referral traffic for the lifetime of the site.

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