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SocialMeep Review – The Best New Instagram Tool?
SocialMeep Review – The Best New Instagram Tool?

Thinking about giving SocialMeep a try? We’ve got you covered in this unbiased review on whether SocialMeep is an effective tool for Instagram Growth.

We’ve thoroughly tested the service and looked into every forum we could to find people discussing SocialMeep, and we’ve put everything into a comprehensive review.

SocialMeep Review

So far, people seem to be super excited about SocialMeep because they are the only service in the space that gets consistent results.

For reference, this is how many followers one brand had before using SocialMeep:

Here’s their account 90 days later:

Not only does SocialMeep deliver outstanding results, but they also have an incredible suite of Instagram analytics tools, insights, and consulting tools to give your account that extra boost.

Now let’s get into the basics of what Instagram Automation is, how it works, and the pros and cons of using SocialMeep for organic Instagram growth.

What is Instagram Automation?

Instagram bots and Instagram automation, the kind we’re talking about, are bots that follow people, like posts, view stories, and comment for you.

You enter your target audience criteria, and the automation tool finds accounts that have a high chance of engaging with you and interact with them in a predefined way that looks natural. Mostly a bot does what you’d do yourself but 24 hours a day at a much higher rate.

Instagram automation tools are not perfect, but with the right service, it works wonders. Further along in this article, I’ll go into detail on how SocialMeep is drastically different than a traditional Instagram bot. It’s a much better alternative to buying followers or spending a lot of money on Instagram Ads of sponsored posts. It is very important to determine and use the best Instagram bot for your account in order to get the best results possible.

What is NOT Instagram Automation?

Tools like post schedulers, analytics tools, and hashtag monitoring tools fall out of the purview of a traditional Instagram automation tool. These tools help you save time by scheduling many posts at once or surface essential data, but they don’t help grow your bottom line metrics.

What is SocialMeep?

According to its website, SocialMeep is an AI-Powered tool that helps you grow your Instagram page organically and automatically. 

Many other services claim to do this as well, so we were a bit suspicious at first.

We got in touch with Bryson Edgar, who manages customer success, and convinced him to offer us a behind the scenes view of SocialMeep.

SocialMeep uses advanced Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Computer Vision to grow customers’ Instagram accounts. SocialMeep is the first of its kind platform to leverage the power of artificial intelligence for Instagram growth.

Unlike other services, SocialMeep doesn’t follow, unfollow, comment, or post for you. Instead, they do discreet micro-interactions, including story views, comment likes, post likes, IGTV engagements, and a proprietary combination of “Organic Actions.”

To identify the age, gender, and location of your audience, SocialMeep utilizes computer vision models. For interest targeting, they use classification algorithms based on a similarity measurement.

This means:

  • Your followers are real, active, targeted people
  • Your followers will engage with your content/page
  • Your growth looks natural and goes undetected

SocialMeep uses very complex technologies, so if you want to learn more about this, please check out their technology page.

SocialMeep Review: Features

SocialMeep is a tool that anyone can use – you don’t need any technical experience, and the whole setup takes less than a minute.

First, you have to connect your Instagram account to their service. They don’t store passwords; the data is encrypted and tokenized for Instagram authentication.

Next, you can specify your targeting settings. You can add criteria like similar Instagram accounts, Hashtags, Gender, Age, Location, and more.

Is SocialMeep Safe?

As we mentioned earlier, SocialMeep doesn’t function like a traditional Instagram bot – they don’t mass-follow accounts, spam comments, or post for you.

They focus on using organic micro-interactions, which are entirely safe for your account.

There are zero risks of getting flagged, blocked, or banned by Instagram.

SocialMeep Pricing Review

SocialMeep is affordable for everyone.

They have two core plans, Basic ($49/mo) and Pro ($99/mo), and an optional add-on called SocialMeep Experts which I’ll go into detail on in the next section.

Compared to Basic, Pro offers access to faster growth, SocialMeep Cloud, and Premium Support. If you want to grow fast with access to proprietary growth insights, then Pro is for you.

Both plans come with a 14-day growth guarantee. If you don’t grow your account in 14-days, they’ll refund your full amount.

SocialMeep Experts

Many features set SocialMeep apart from other services, but one of the most powerful ones is SocialMeep Experts. For $75/mo, you get access to a private Instagram/SocialMeep Expert who can manage your account, schedule calls, and develop content. 

SocialMeep Experts is an excellent option for businesses that want their Instagram growth and marketing fully managed.

SocialMeep vs Instagram Ads

The ultimate test for any Instagram Growth tool is to put it head to head with Instagram Ads. 

With current impression and engagement rates, it costs around $3.25 to acquire a targeted follower in the United States via Instagram Ads. Using SocialMeep for one month, the cost per new follower is $0.01225. 

Unless you are already a very established business with hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on Instagram Ads, it makes the most economical sense to use SocialMeep for Instagram growth.

Don’t get me wrong, Instagram Ads should be part of every marketer or business owner’s growth strategy, but it’s inefficient to use money when you’re bootstrapping or just starting.

Final Thoughts

From all the different Instagram growth tools we’ve tested, SocialMeep has the most features and gets you the most growth.

We loved using it, and I’m sure you will as well.

SocialMeep won’t help you get millions of followers overnight, but it’ll allow you to grow organically on Instagram and target your specific audience.

Bonus: Best Practices

As a bonus, Bryson was able to provide some insight into best practices to get the most out of using SocialMeep. Generally, results from SocialMeep vary from account to account, depending on your niche, content, and other factors. However, you’re virtually guaranteed a minimum amount of growth as long as you post content and have a complete profile.

As a general best practice, when using SocialMeep (or a similar service), focus on building the best possible business and product or service for your customers; the growth will come so you should be prepared for the demand.

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