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How Creative Packaging is Helping CBD Brands Stand Out
How Creative Packaging is Helping CBD Brands Stand Out

Most people believe that as long as a product is of high enough quality, the packaging doesn’t matter. Then again, a billion (give or take) unboxing YouTube videos might change their minds. Great packaging has become a critical part of building brand identity and promoting the product inside; the packaging of CBD products is no exception. Studies suggest that when consumers purchase products with creative packaging, over 50% of them will return to the same company for their next purchase. Consumers are also likely to reuse well-designed containers and packaging. Clearly, brands have a need for well-designed, attractive packaging.

Packaging in CBD products

The CBD market has recently experienced remarkable growth as more and more consumers have begun using oil-infused products for all kinds of personal uses, from beauty and skin routines to health and wellness applications. Some brands have gone as far as creating CBD-infused toilet paper… Either way, many companies, both old and new, are diving into the fray to try and carve out a share of the rapidly growing consumer base.

Given the newness of the industry, there is a relative lack of design norms, which means packaging designers have a chance to get creative with how they style the product’s packaging. Creativity is doubly important, considering that most consumers aren’t CBD experts and don’t have any existing brand loyalties. For many shoppers, walking through a dispensary (or, in some cities, a grocer or deli that carries CBD products) is their first encounter with CBD in a retail setting. Beyond the style of the packaging, there is growing consumer interest in sustainable practices, which can be especially tricky, given the CBD and Cannabis industry’s stringent recycling regulations. All in all, packaging in CBD and Cannabis can be uniquely impactful for brands, and is an aspect of branding that deserves attention.

Key Reasons for Creative Packaging for CBD brands:

In a world where every new product that we buy shows up on Instagram or YouTube in unboxing reels or posts, your brand’s packaging design also plays a significant role in attracting your target audience. Around 95% of startups fail every year because they overlook mundane but essential aspects of their businesses—a cautionary stat for new companies that are tempted to underinvest in packaging. Depending on their clientele and target audience, the type of containers and packaging CBD brands use makes a big difference, especially given that many are, in essence, startups trying gain a foothold. Some of the reasons why creative packaging helps CBD brands are:

  • Brand identity

Unique custom packaging bags or designs that you add to your products create a strong visual impact, one that people start associating with your brand. If you are an up-and-coming brand selling CBD products with an expanding client base, you can get a head start with unique packaging ideas by creating a recognizable identity. Since it’s the first thing consumers see, the packaging is where that process will start.

  • Sustainability 

With prevailing, pressing concerns about the environment, the best way to promote your brand is to adopt sustainability. Compared to plastic packaging, people are more likely to buy a product packed in eco-friendly containers and packaging like glass jars. Your product may be sustainable and 100% natural, but if you use plastic packaging, the promise of sustainability is lost. CBD & Cannabis recycling regulations tend to be more stringent than those that apply to most products, so 100% eco-friendly packaging is not an option for the industry. Even so, eco-minded consumers will gravitate towards packaging that delivers more sustainability.

  • Appealing Aesthetics

Gone are the days when people demanded extravagant packaging. Though grand designs can still impress (if done well), the new generation of consumers appreciates creative packaging with minimal ornamentation. Simple packaging in glass jars or wooden boxes, or packaging with subtle designs (think reduced color choices with thin fonts) is preferred over older packaging styles featuring reflective, busy designs. To see some examples of great minimalist design (in both the CBD industry and across multiple others as well), check out this recent guide to innovative packaging, here.

As a CBD brand owner, you need the most creative packaging design to stay ahead of the game and attract your target audience. Especially in such a young marketplace, attractive packaging can be one of the smartest investments in your company’s future.

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