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Do Doctors Need Social Media?
Do Doctors Need Social Media?

Social media has made its way into nearly every profession whether it is digital marketing or personal injury attorneys. Doctors are no different as this can be a great way to market a practice. This does not mean that personal social media accounts need to be open to the public. Business social media accounts can help provide personal privacy while still reaping the benefits that social media provides. The one aspect to remember is that social media is something that can help a practice or completely ruin it. A doctor that posts something insensitive could create blowback that could take years to materialize. The following are good reasons that doctors need social media. 

Building a Doctor’s Brand

The aspect that many doctors do not realize is that being on social media doesn’t mean you need to post multiple times per day. The right social media manager can handle this and there are plenty of ways to schedule social media posts. Establishing a doctor as a thought leader in a specific area of medicine can do a variety of things. A doctor in research could be given funding to take on a huge project. A doctor running a private practice might be asked to speak on a specific topic which is an extreme honor. 

Makes a Doctor More Personable

A doctor that is willing to engage with followers can build patient loyalty. A doctor with personality or that answers questions on social media regularly engages with followers. This is a huge difference from doctors that might be a bit older and lack any semblance of bedside manner. Patients are going to opt for the doctor that they think they will get along with. Being a social media guru as a doctor does not make you the most proficient medical professional but it can make you the most likeable!

Advance Your Career 

A doctor that consistently engages with others in their medical niche might find professional opportunities. You might get a direct message about a partnership opportunity with an established practice. Take the time to comment in industry trends and comment on content posted by those you are following. LinkedIn is a great place for a doctor to see how former colleagues or medical school friends might have gone elsewhere or are offering a great position whether you specialize in cosmetic surgery Baltimore or New York City.

Social media is a way of life and can be extremely beneficial to a doctor. Take the time weekly to post on social media as it might have a far great impact than you could have imagined.

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