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How to Download Facebook Videos
How to Download Facebook Videos

Social media plays a role in the lives of countless people today. Some people use social media platforms, such as Facebook, to keep in touch with family members and friends. Social media also plays a role in the professional world as a way for companies to share information about products and services with potential customers. While many people have uploaded countless images and videos to Facebook, there are also occasions where people may want to know how to download Facebook videos. Those looking to download videos from this popular social media platform simply need to follow a few simple steps.

The first step is to login to Facebook and open up the Facebook newsfeed or timeline area. This is going to be the location on Facebook where people have access to their images and videos. Sometimes, the videos show up in the context of the post. In other cases, people may want to scroll through the entire list of videos and find the one they’re searching for.

Once the video has been located, the next step is to right-click on the video itself. This is going to open up a menu of options that includes play and mute. Right beneath the option that says “show video URL,” there is going to be another option that says “copy video URL at current time.” Left-click on this option.

After this, the next step is to locate a high-quality Facebook video downloader. With the URL of the video having been copied, head over to Once at this site, there is a clear box that says “enter Facebook video post URL.” In this box, paste the desired Facebook video URL. This can be done either by hitting “CTRL” and “V” at the same time or by right-clicking in the box and selecting “paste.” Once the video has been pasted into the box, the next step is to hit the box that says “download.” This will start the process of downloading the video. This shouldn’t take very long; however, the exact time this will take will depend on the strength of someone’s internet connection.

Once the download has been completed by the site, it will be saved to the person’s computer. The file location will likely head to the default folder; however, someone can also manually select where they would like to save the video to on their computer. This is a relatively straightforward process and it isn’t challenging to use. This is one of the easiest ways for someone to download videos from Facebook to their computer either for professional or personal use. Now, everyone will be able to download videos from Facebook to their computer with ease!

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