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The Effect of Social Media on Luxury Travel
The Effect of Social Media on Luxury Travel

The rise of social media has transformed
countless industries including both hospitality and luxury travel.
A recent study indicates that more than half of all global luxury travelers
are interested in finding opportunities to capture and generate media content
when visiting a new location. Social media has impacted luxury travel in numerous
and proven to be a real game changer in terms of the way
travelers choose to research potential destinations and travel plans as well as
the types of destinations and activities they are likely to engage in during a
trip or holiday.


Word of mouth, reviews based on first-hand
experience and other information shared through social media sites and services
is quickly changing the way that travelers research potential destinations.
Savvy travelers have long based their travel plans and vacation ideas on
stories and experiences shared by their friends and associates. Thanks to
social media, learning more about specific destinations or finding an
overlooked vacation spot or destination has never been easier. With an
ever-growing user base and the ability to share more personal details, media
and experiences than ever before online, using social media to conduct travel
research is a trend that we can expect to see a whole lot more of in the days
to come.

Fads and Fashion Destinations

Appearances are important and an increasing
number of luxury travelers are choosing to visit the destinations, attractions
and points of interest that have gained greater popularity and exposure thanks
to social media. Even destinations and travel itineraries that may provide
comparable luxury, comfort and opportunities to enjoy the same range of
activities are losing out to the latest travel fads and the most fashionable
destinations. Bucket lists have also become increasingly popular with seemingly
unconventional destinations, such as Antarctica, continuing to grow in
popularity thanks to luxury travelers who are eager to post photos of their
latest trip or to share media that showcases their past holiday or vacation.

the Perfect Selfie

While selfie sticks are among the least well-received travel trends in recent
years, there is a reason behind their popularity. Thanks to social media,
vacation and travel photos can now be shared with the entire world. Luxury
travelers have developed a voracious appetite for selfies that showcase famous
landmarks and jaw-dropping landscapes and backdrops. While not every traveler
is concerned with finding the perfect photo op for their next selfie, there is
an ever-growing number of travelers who are willing to alter their itinerary or
even plan their entire trip just for the opportunity to take the perfect
photograph of themselves.

and Social-media Marketing Campaigns

Marketing firms and advertisers have also
taken notice of this trend, shifting their efforts in order to better leverage
influencers. From travel agents to tourist brochures, conventional promotional
tactics and outdated marketing techniques are quickly falling out of favor.
Social media has proven to be the perfect format for creating and sharing
reviews of luxury hotels, airlines and the exclusive destinations and
experiences prized by luxury travelers the world over. Sponsored content,
stealth marketing and even travel reviews that are part of an overt advertising
campaign are all changing the way that the travel industry markets itself.


The rapid pace of innovation, new technology
and the constant demand for new features have created a wide range of new social
media trends
, many of which are still in their infancy. Social media
continues to provide new ways for travelers to tell their stories and for
businesses to further establish their brand, making it a more attractive
promotional tool than ever before. An increasingly digital world means that
social media can be expected to have an even bigger impact on luxury travel,
one that may lead to even bigger changes in days to come.

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