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11 Timeless Digital Marketing Strategies For Law Firms
11 Timeless Digital Marketing Strategies For Law Firms

Like any other business, law firms also need to be marketed appropriately to bring in more clients and enhance profitability. Therefore, building marketing strategies that deploy relevant, modern, and unique tactics to help you stand out from the competition is vital.

It is important to understand that going online isn’t just about building a digital presence. Unfortunately, 49% of law firms say their most effective marketing strategy is buying web leads.

There is no denying the real business benefits to be had from digital marketing, namely good ROI, better branding, credibility, and more leads than you’ve ever had before.

Read ahead to see what you can do to build a good digital marketing strategy for law firms.

1. Design A Content Marketing Plan

The sheer amount of content produced and consumed daily is a testament to its importance and why marketers from any industry must focus on it.

As a law firm, it is essential to include non-digital collateral in your content marketing plan where physical branding for targeted customers can significantly facilitate a robust digital campaign.

This includes videos, articles, infographics, press releases, and more.

Put this content on your website or social channels to have a unique and highly engaging presence that helps you stand out in your industry against your competitors. A well-thought-out and detailed content plan allows you to schedule your content production, test results and plan when and where to use it.

2. Use Social Media Platforms

Social media is a huge part of our lives, making digital marketing highly relevant and necessary for businesses. It is also a highly dominant advertising tool, requiring you to focus on it.
It would help if you had a detailed understanding of various platforms and how to target potential clients on Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, or Instagram. Then, create content relevant to your niche and present yourself as an authority on the subject matter to persuade your customers and earn their trust through deliverable promises.

3. Website Optimization

Website optimization is necessary to ensure your website ranks as high as possible when clients search for terms linked to your law firm. It is connected to good content, SEO optimization, digital advertising, etc., and continues to attract trackable leads.

Research your field-relevant strings that customers search the most for. Then, create pages with unique content, reciprocal and backlinks, and frequent content relevant to current SEO requirements.

4. Data Analysis

Data analysis forms the core of whatever combination of marketing strategies you use to make changes. Use facts and numbers to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns through A/B testing for content and copy, user response, and ROI.

Since there is a high chance of bias when the marketing developer analyzes the campaign data, it is best to have multiple people do this. You can employ an auditing consultant or third-party marketing agency for data analysis for your law firm.

5. Create A Mobile-Friendly Website

With over 6 billion active smartphone subscriptions worldwide, it is essential to create marketing strategies that ensure mobile friendliness. You have to create an effective mobile layout that caters to the high population that uses smartphones to browse through your website and inquire or book appointments.

Ensure your CTA buttons are visible on the phone and the site pages load quickly to capture users’ attention immediately.

6. Boost Client Reviews With Automation

Reputation management is essential to build trust and authenticity among your customers and grow your brand name. One of the best ways to do this is through client reviews and boosting the positive ones through automation that establishes credibility for your brand.

7. Retarget Past Customers And Leads

Most people call it social media listening, but marketers know it as retargeting. This is where people search for something on Google and see ads for the same service on Facebook and other platforms.

You can advertise to people who have shown interest and visited your website previously.

The traffic to your website automatically increases as your site grows. However, only a handful of these would be ready to buy from you. Those who are not yet employing your services are at the beginning of the cycle. They need retargeting to compel them to hire your services in the future.

8. Use PPC Ads

PPC ads are a fast way to make your law firm’s website visible on Google searches when you advertise on it. Tell Google the keywords you want to bid on and pay when someone clicks on your ad for an effective PPC campaign. The PPC ads data helps you determine your target market’s interest and alters your marketing campaigns accordingly.

Create landing pages specific to the ads to keep the audience engaged, giving them exactly what you promised in the ad. Also, expect to spend time on your PPC campaign in monitoring data, testing landing pages, refining, reviewing, etc., for effective marketing.

9. Publish Blogs

It might seem that people don’t read blogs anymore, but they do, and publishing blogs frequently can help your brand. Through relevant articles on topics involving law and policies, you can establish expertise and authority. Any new keywords and content you use alerts Google that your website actively provides relevant content.

Create a schedule for publishing to maintain consistency and ensure that there is a built-in blogging platform on your website to maintain design consistency.

For example, write about topics pertaining to your legal expertise, common questions, or client queries to showcase your knowledge. Additionally, include a CTA in all your blogs and create content that your audience wants.

10. Online Directories

As outdated as directories may sound, they can help your brand as large corporations fund online directory websites and invest a lot into SEO. As a result, if you have a profile here, your ranking can improve.

Since most of these websites offer free listings, you can enhance your SEO efforts in an affordable way.

11. Email Marketing

One of the best ways to stay in touch with your audience and create brand awareness is through emails. Build your email list with targeted customers and send frequent newsletters with updates on your firm, best legal practices, etc.

You can also provide links to your recent blogs or comment on some recent court ruling to give them a new perspective.


Digital marketing strategies are essential to use in this day and age, regardless of industry. As a law firm, these techniques can help you build your reputation and credibility among your target audience.

Digital marketing allows you to expand your reach and improve your chances to get clients to hire your services, ultimately improving your profits.

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