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4 Interesting and Unique Online Ideas
4 Interesting and Unique Online Ideas
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The internet is getting bigger and bigger by the second. There isn’t a lot you can’t do on it nowadays. You can listen to any song you want, watch the latest movies, and even do your grocery shopping. 

A few ideas have grabbed our attention and are making the world wide web even more interesting than it’s ever been. So read on to see what we think are jazzing up the online world and give them a try yourself.

Social Challenge Platform

This is a new idea that has just started to appear on the internet. A social challenge platform consists of any of the sites members posting challenges for others to solve. All the content created on the site comes directly from the users.

With it being such a new and unique idea, you could be one of the first to contribute to the challenges. Your challenge can be related to any number of topics ranging from sports to music. It’s a fun idea that could definitely take off if enough people get into it.

Language Hacking

This refers to those online sites that say they can get you fluent in a new language in no time at all. Some out there now actually offer a whole new language in just three months. And they say you will be fluent!

It seems plausible as one creator of a site, named Benny Lewis, has managed to learn a whole array of different languages from this method. It’s an excellent idea for people who travel a lot, or just love learning languages.

Santa Mail

It can be quite exciting when your kids have grown up just enough to want to write a Christmas list and still believe in Santa. But sometimes we don’t have time to play along and create little things that will bring a smile to their faces during the festive season.

Well, Santa Mail has thought about all the children and decided that it would be a great idea for them to get mail from the big man himself. Your child receives a personalized letter from the North Pole with a postmark to prove it! It’s a simple idea but can mean a lot to a child.

eBook Writing

Ok, this one isn’t so unique nowadays, but it sure is interesting. Writing a book and getting it published can be a tough feat. Many people have given up on their dream of becoming a world-wide best selling writer because of this.

With an ebook, however, you can self publish your title on a number of platforms. You can start giving it away for free until you get a few great reviews. Then little by little, you can put up the price. This can be a life long earner if you write something people want to read.

To Conclude

With the weird and wonderful online world growing all the time, it’s anyone’s’ guess as to what will appear next. What we do know is that it’s very easy to spend hours on end exploring this never-ending web of intriguing and unique ideas.

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