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5 Reasons You Should Use Influencers in Your Marketing Strategies
5 Reasons You Should Use Influencers in Your Marketing Strategies

Are you interested in lower expenditures, better SEO rankings, higher revenue, and improved brand recognition? 

Achieving all at once seems nearly impossible, but there is a simple solution that offers all those benefits: social influencers. 

Learn five reasons your company shouldn’t do without social influencers. 

5 Advantages of Influencers

Influencers are highly regarded across social media platforms, making them valuable assets for businesses. Because they reach numerous followers, they leave lasting impressions. 

Influencers come with a myriad of advantages, one of which is cost. 

1. Cost

The price of working with an influencer hinges on the individual’s standing. It’s common for a single post to cost $250 or one thousand views on Snapchat to cost $500, yet the ROI is optimal. 

A study by Influencer Marketing Hub showed businesses make on average $7.65 per $1 spent on influencer marketing. Some receive more than $20. 

Businesses have another tactic to decrease costs: they provide an item to an influencer at no cost with the request he or she gives an honest review. 

2. SEO

Due to an influencer’s following, your company receives more attention in search bars as potential leads investigate the business’s services, products, and reputation. That pushes your SEO ranking higher. 

If the influencer includes a link to your company website in a post, it’s more likely potential consumers and leads will click on it, thereby increasing the number of visitors to your site. 

Furthermore, the influencer’s site is quality material. Linking to yours is another factor that increases SEO.

3. More Leads

Surveys show businesses continually point to influencer marketing as their primary means of customer acquisition. Previous research, which demonstrates consumers trust recommendations from friends, supports these claims. 

“The foundation of any relationship, including business connections, is trust,” says Jay Cohen, a defense attorney with Blass Law. If an influencer is impressed by a business, their followers will likely desire the same experience. 

Additional leads come in the form of business-to-business networking, opening doors to further marketing tactics. 

4. Higher Conversion Rates

On top of more leads, influencers augment conversion rates. A 2016 study analyzing 150 influencer campaigns yielded an average conversion rate of 2.55%, although some campaigns had rates as high as 31.67%.

Followers seem more inclined to convert if influencers provide detailed descriptions of the item or service along with its advantages and disadvantages. Video is popular. 

5. Brand Recognition

A single influencer can reach millions of individuals who may otherwise never hear of your product. Even if they don’t click on your link or purchase your wares, if you’ve impressed the influencer, you’ve impressed the followers. 

The positive association alone is enough to create a domino effect, inspiring people beyond the reach of other marketing endeavors to become consumers. 

One Tactic, Multiple Benefits

The perks of influencers are many. Leverage the power of social media by partnering with the people who use it most, and enjoy the results it provides. 

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