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How Digital Entrepreneurs are Offering Social Media Services
How Digital Entrepreneurs are Offering Social Media Services
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Small businesses in the United States employ 57 million people, and while we may focus on the Fortune 500 companies, 99% of US employers are small business owners. The Internet makes it even easier for budding entrepreneurs to be able to get up and started with their businesses.

And with 66% of small businesses outsourcing part of their work, a lot of the work is marketing.

When you become a digital entrepreneur, you have a variety of options available. Some entrepreneurs use the skills that they learned to essentially freelance. Programmers, for example, use Upwork and the like to build a list of clients and make money.

But others are helping other smaller businesses find success online.

A key option is social media, and every day, someone is offering a wide range of social media services that will help other businesses build their online reach. Social media marketing is tedious and time consuming, but it’s also essential to building a successful business online. Entrepreneurs that are offering social media services are doing so in a few ways:

Automation and Scheduling Tools

Social media is robust, and while some entrepreneurs may offer ad optimization and purchasing, a lot of people are offering posting and engagement. These companies are overwhelmed with marketing or orders, so they hire someone else to make posts, gain followers and bring in leads.

One way that digital entrepreneurs are handling social media is through automation.

Online tools allow for the full scheduling of social media posts, and these tools include:

  • Hootsuite
  • Buffer
  • SocialPilot

White Label options do exist that allow entrepreneurs to create reports and dashboards for their customers to see. These platforms allow an entrepreneur to schedule posts out for their clients in advance so that the rest of the service is on autopilot.

Complete Autopilot Solutions

There are complete autopilot solutions, much like there are for dropship businesses. The idea is simple: promote someone else’s service as your own, they fulfill the orders, and you get paid. A lot of options are available, and this is a great method to offer additional services while focusing on your main service.

Digital Business Feed is an example, and the way it works is simple:

  • Order a reseller business package
  • Select from three of the business examples
  • Site is created in 72 hours
  • Owners are connected with a supplier

You’ll be reselling services as your own, and social media is one of the most popular options. Facebook apps and designs are sold for $249, with the entrepreneur earning over $200 from the sale. Social media posting for a month nets the digital entrepreneur $100 a month.

You become a reseller, you sell the services, you earn money off of it. The supplier takes care of all of the logistics, from posting and reports to charging the client.

Digital entrepreneurs are leveraging their professional networks to resell services that are a perfect fit for their skills. There is no need for any coding skills or any web development knowlege. A web designer may also start offering social media services that are completely autopilot and are upsold to their web design clients. It’s the perfect match.

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