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7 things to remember when using Google Slides:
7 things to remember when using Google Slides:

Google slides presentation program is available to the users for free, apart from the software office suite extended by Google. The presentation tool is a part of the web-based Google drive service. The special feature about this presentation program is that it’s entirely cloud-based, which means you can make instantaneous changes in your presentation with access to a lot of web features to enhance the appeal of your presentation. Gone are the days when PowerPoint ruled the presentation world. Google has paved the way for innovation in the presentation world. 

Google slides is useful for numerous reasons. The diverse range of themes, layouts and ease of inserting pictures and videos, makes Google slide extremely engaging. Its user-friendliness is one reason; it has gained popularity among frequent engaged users. But there’s a lot more that one can learn to further simplify the presentation made by fully utilizing the Google slide features. Major points to remember while using slides are listed below.

Online application to use in the browser or mobile app.

It is a cloud-based application where multiple users can simultaneously work on the presentation. Any changes made are automatically backed up in Google’s server. With the revision history feature, one can easily see the previous changes and retain the previous version. Since Google Slides is synchronous, all users can see the changes made in the name of one user and likewise. Edits can be discussed among the users through the comment section. Keeping in mind the offline usability of the presentations, you can effortlessly export it to a user’s local storage in formats namely HTML, pdf and .jpg.

Wide variety of templates:

The range of templates allows you to cater to your creativity without the need of professional design skills. Choose from a wide range of layouts – party invite, recipe book, portfolio, photo album and may more. It suits both personal and professional use. The recent update of Google slide is enabled with the machine learning feature, where you get various suggestions concerning the layouts and images for your presentation based on your taste and preferences. This whole customized experience helps in making quick and unique presentation. Also several online services provide more professional or business like google slides themes that can be used for free.

Moderate Sophistication of Shapes engine:

Unlike Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides Shapes engine isn’t that huge or powerful. However, you can still create amazing basic shapes with control of the trace. The shapes engine allows the design to be pixel-perfect and adaptable to changes involved in several Google themes and templates. Thus, this empowers a user to edit a slide as per his/her wish. Each and every part of the design can adapt to the changes made to the theme. Whatever be the demand, you can easily edit your slides because the shapes engine running at the background are efficient and not sophisticated.

Designed for collaboration:

Just like the Google sheets, Google slides are best suited for collaboration. Someone who has used Google sheets will completely relate to it. To elaborate, let’s begin with its real-time access feature. Multiple users can access the same presentation at a given point in time. It allows the flexibility to monitor what is being done and making the necessary changes on the go. Without having to waste any time in first receiving the file and then sending it for rework. Also, you can insert comments in the sections where necessary changes are required and likewise allows the presentation preparer to understand the requirements better. Once the file is ready, it can be conveniently shared with the users of interest by merely clicking on the share button and choosing the most suited option. Being a cloud-based service, publishing it also becomes very easy.

Not modern images customization:

Following similar paths of simple and efficient shapes engine, Google Slides has a simple and not complex images engine. Simple tasks such as imaging effects and recolouring can be done in a wink of an eye. The best thing about the images engine is that its lightweight. Google Slides has stressed hugely on the fact that the whole presentation making service is internet-based. Keeping it lightweight can help masses accomplish their presentation goals. 

Big font’s library:

The distinctive and a vast variety of font at Google slides embellishes your presentation and adds grace to it. Fonts like Lato, Caveat, Lobster, and a lot more can be seen in the font list of Google slides. You can leverage the potential offered by professional, traditional, geometric, funky, characterful and playful fonts. Fonts are the soul of your slide, you can’t just get started with the wrong font. Google Slides provide you with a variety of options. Every presentation theme can find a suitable font in the Google Slide’s fonts repository. Go on and check out what works best for you. Because it is best seen than said.

Seamless integration with Google Tools:

Slides are in complete sync with the other Google tools namely Google sheets and Google docs. This seamless integration helps access the slides on the go. You can anytime open it on a mobile app, web application or desktop application. The interesting part is that the app is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint file formats. Gone are the days when you had to carry your slide as a soft-copy. These days, as soon as your presentation is ready, you can transfer it to Google Drive and access it from anywhere around the world.

Google Slides is experiencing an upward move in its popularity around the world. The variety of features available at a user’s disposal are commendable. The software has revolutionized the way presentations are made. Today, you won’t have to create a presentation from scratch, asking someone to physically edit it and carry the presentation wherever you go! Google Slides will do it for you.

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