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Are Comparison Sites Good for Your Business?
Are Comparison Sites Good for Your Business?

When considering your company’s online presence, you might
find yourself considering whether or not to list your products or services on a
comparison website. Many firms make use of these platforms and they may help to
make your brand more accessible to a wider audience base. However, they’re not
for every company. In this article, we list the pros and cons of a comparison
website based on the nature of specific companies and their practices.

Pro: A Wider Reach

Comparison websites are often one of the first ports of call
for individuals looking for a specialist brand, which means that potential
customers won’t need to have heard of you in order to find you. They just need
access to the site on which you appear. Additionally, the more widely you are
able to spread
your company’s details
, the more uptake you’re likely to have. You’ll
appear higher up the search engine results, making you much easier to discover.

Con: More Direct Competition

Of course, you won’t be alone on any comparison site. Your
brand will be listed alongside multiple others that offer the same specialisms
– so you need to be confident that you can outperform the companies you are up
against while keeping your prices competitive.

Pro: Surprisingly Niche Areas

Comparison sites aren’t just for insurance firms and holiday
providers. The more you explore, the more surprised you’ll be at the range of
different listings you’ll find. From a domestic
lifts comparison pricing site
to competitive pet grooming deals, almost any
practice you can think of can be listed online in this way. If you don’t have
any competitors in your field, you may decide that a comparison website isn’t
for you. However, if you are part of a small contingent of specialist companies
and are confident that you can beat all the others in both quality and price,
appearing on one of these sites may aid in your promotion.

Con: Lower Profit

In order to stand out among the other businesses on a
comparison site, you may need to lower some of your rates while keeping quality
high. What’s more, any business won through the site will be subject to a
commission. You’ll need to pay a sort of finder’s fee to the site every time
they successfully direct a client to you. You’ll need to consider your existing
turnover and overheads and decide whether it’s economically sensible to take
these financial hits before signing up.

Pro: Your Reputation

As mentioned earlier, appearing on a comparison site can
really improve
your online visibility
. Furthermore, if you play it right, you may become
known as a brand that can deliver high quality at a very competitive price.
This can cement you as a top performer in your field and keep the enquiries
flooding in for years.

Con: Your Reputation (Again)

Many consumers prioritize competitive pricing
when browsing specialist websites of this kind, so, if you appear on one, a
natural reaction is to keep your prices low. However, affordability or
cheapness has different connotations depending on your niche. If you are a
luxury brand, you may find that staying away from these kinds of listings will
make you appear more exclusive and, therefore, more desirable

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