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Biggest PR and social media wins of 2018
Biggest PR and social media wins of 2018

Before digitalization, the professionals of public relation would give the information on air, by print or by announcements but now social media has made a massive disruption by making PR campaigns examples a brisk and more impactful way to connect with the audience.

Nowadays, 78% of businesses have teams whose work concentrates wholly on social media marketing and building strong public relations. In 2018, these social media campaigns are the best pr campaigns that customers respond to:

KFC’s Herbs and Spices

The recipe of 11 secret herbs and spices of Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of the most famous recipes in the fast food world. In September 2017 KFC’s Twitter account was following nearly 35.7 k accounts, which they summarily unfollowed in entirety. From this blank slate, KFC proceeded to follow back only 11 accounts: the five members of the group Spice Girls and six men named Herb. Like their original recipe, five herbs and six spices. They wanted people to notice and recognize the truth behind this action. Nearly 2 months passed and finally, a man named Edge figured out the trick and tweet it on Twitter. This social media campaign went viral, resulting in 2.5 billion impressions without investing a single penny.  

Spotify Billboard Ad Campaign

The Swedish music streaming platform Spotify Technology crunched their user data for their new outboard billboard campaign worldwide. Their New Campaign is 2018 Goals. Their goals for 2018 campaign worked because they connected a bridge between the social media digital world giving it a more comfort and local feeling. They collected aggregate data for their ads and made catchy lines, setting an example as a phenomenal PR campaign. For this campaign, Spotify enlisted 70 popular artists. The help summary of headlines generating ads include:

  • Dear Person, who played “Sorry” 42 times on Valentine’s Day–what did you do?
  • Dear Person in the Theater District who listened to the Hamilton Soundtrack 5376 times this year–can you get us tickets?
  • Hit the dance floor with the person who made a playlist called Daddy Pence Come Dance.

#MeToo Movement

The #MeToo movement went viral on social media in late October 2017 and created hype. The same viral as a phrase pay Edubirdie to do an assignment in Australia  for students at the end of the school year. It became one of the biggest campaigns of social media in 2018. It was against the harassment and statutory offense. The hashtag posted on social media was an endeavor to demonstrate the widely spread prevalence of statutory offense and harassment, particularly in the geographical point and workplace.

Within the early months of 2018 the campaign was shared by a million of contributors who shared their personal stories about the mistreatment with the hashtag, unveiling the names of renowned celebrities. Even now, this hashtag continues to obtain an immeasurable quantity of shares and flooded the social media throughout 2018. It became the voice and give courage to everyone who were the victims.

#IHob (Previously known as IHop)

In June 2018, IHOP (International house of Pancakes) made an official announcement of the name change on their social media page. A brand which was famous for their pancakes for over 60 years was then named IHOB (International house of Burgers).

IHOB tweet on their social media account went viral and foodies started making guesses what this “B” actually stands for. Finally it was unveiled that the “B” in IHOB stands for burgers. This campaign acted as one of the best social media campaign of 2018.

Bullying Jnr. – Burger King

Burger king ran a campaign with in which they made a video of around 3 minutes exploring the bully with a hidden camera. In that video a young boy was bullied in the restaurant and only few stood up to help him. Whereas when their Whopper Jr.  Sandwich was bullied by a waiter smashing it hardly the people stood up to take action. This video was launched in October, has crossed four million view with the title “Bullying Jnr.” This 2018 campaign of Burger King was best pr campaign example which showed demonstrates that brands mustn’t be frightened of endeavor troublesome problems. However additionally they showed their support to undertake and facilitate drive awareness of one thing that affects young people.

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