Checking In: A Mobile Marketing Infographic
Checking In: A Mobile Marketing Infographic
Checking In: A Mobile Marketing Infographic

My friends at Lucid Agency in Tempe, Ariz., have been doing a lot of work and thinking around mobile platforms and technology. They’re certainly not alone, but in their activity, they thought it would be useful to put together an interesting infographic to illustrate the use of mobile applications, location-based services and devices to give their clients, and the greater marketing community, a base of information as we think about mobile moving forward.

Mobile is one of those arenas that is critically important to a brand’s success in the coming years, but also still muddy water in terms of understanding. Hopefully, the information in this infographic can help you and your organization know a bit more about the use statistics and applications for mobile marketing you could be considering.

What stands out for me? How far ahead projections have Android as a platform compared to iPhones in the coming years. An almost 300X increase in the mobile advertising through 2013. How ridiculous Groupon looks compared to Facebook Deals (if Facebook can make it as front-and-center as Groupon has become).

There’s a lot to chew on here. What stands out for you? Drop a note in the comments. Then head over to Lucid to thank them for the work!

Feel free to download or embed the infographic in your own site! Here’s some code to make it easier for you:

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