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Five Ways to Promote Web Design on Social Media
Five Ways to Promote Web Design on Social Media

Web designers at 7 Elements Web Design explain the importance of web design eloquently.

“Web designing is an art. Your website design shows your business insight. In web technologies, your website is the first entity that interacts with the visitor.”

Many designers have surely said something similar to clients and prospective clients. However, to get someone’s business, it makes sense to meet the user where they feel most comfortable. For web designers who want to make an impression and connect with clients, social media provides a powerful platform to attract fruitful connections.

Here are five ways to promote a web design business through various social media platforms.


Facebook users are now an older crowd. Most adult users spend time here and think of Facebook when “social media” comes up. A designer can use their Facebook profile as part of their branding in order to create buzz and attract interest. You can do this in a number of ways. For example, talking about web design and the industry may prompt questions about your work or draw in referrals. One great thing about Facebook is that you can create an entirely separate brand page for your design work if you’re a freelancer or a business page if you own a company with freelance marketing roles .

Posting stories about your team’s work product, and sharing articles and videos for the design and general community show your passion and approachability and can net you additional cash flow.


For web designers and other professionals, LinkedIn constitutes an unprecedented opportunity to network on a professional level across industries and job roles. Designers shouldn’t underestimate LinkedIn as a platform that does little to play to their multimedia strengths, in contrast to Pinterest or Instagram. However, it’s still a virtual space in which to post your resume and showcase examples of your work.

You can post video testimonials from former client or post images of the previous projects for profit or for fun projects. Pictures and videos are memorable, can showcase your talent and draw interest from connections or connections of connections. Another way to go is to make a presentation deck on Slideshare, owned by LinkedIn, which integrates seamlessly with LinkedIn profiles. Show off your PDF portfolio and make it available to customers and employees.


Twitter is a greater research tool. Use it you see what current and former employees have to say about its leadership. Share their posts, interact with the community at the company you are interested in and ask questions to generate conversation.

This is much more effective than applying blindly to positions on job boards.


Many designers use Instagram to show off their work. To be effective, remember to use geo-tagging on your posts. Commenting on the posts of individuals and brands you want to see your work is also an effective way to generate potential income and network on this popular network.

Don’t forget that Instagram also allows videos, which get more engagement than static snapshots. A quick video can highlight your work. Consider a time-lapse showing the creative process on a project you’re excited about.

It’s also a great source of inspirations, as witnessed at these sites.

YouTube Strategy

YouTube is another venue for static and video representations of your work and creative process. It’s useful to have videos ready to send to potential employers, and it’s a great way to draw inspiration and check out the competition.

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