Formstack Makes Landing Page Creation Easy
Formstack Expands Tool To Offer Nifty Landing Page Creator
Formstack Expands Tool To Offer Nifty Landing Page Creator

The smart, but time consuming, way to really hit a home run with Pay-Per-Click advertising or even social media campaigns, is to build custom landing pages with specific messages for the very audience you’re trying to convince to buy or convert. Remember our Relevancy Target? Deliver the right message to the right audience in the right place and at the right time and your marketing message becomes optimally relevant.

Landing pages do this well. If I click on a PPC ad for “Personalized Luggage Tags” and I’m taken to a landing page that shows me a couple pictures of personalized luggage tags, has an entry box for my personalization, a small payment form and maybe even a Pay-Pal button with a call-to-action to order my personalized luggage tag now, I’m much more likely to purchase than if I were sent to the company’s website home page where I then have to navigate around to find the personalized luggage tag product.

But custom landing pages can be a bitch from a development and speed standpoint, especially if you’re like me and have design skills rating alongside those of your average 3-year-old orangutan.

Formstack may have solved this problem with its new Landing Page product. It’s much like building a website or blog in a do-it-yourself wizard. Pick the general layout you want, drop some graphics, enter your copy and bang! Landing page.

Here’s a screenshot of the work space for a sample landing page I created in about 15 minutes, keeping in mind I’m not a developer and obviously didn’t spend a lot of time optimizing or whiz-banging it up with graphics and a big sign up button. The depth of the time I spent was just a few minutes to throw together the header image in Photoshop.

Formstack Landing Page CreatorTo see the finished product, check out the Social Media Industry Reports notification sign-up page.

It’s worth noting that no tool is going to create a landing page that converts for you. The conversions will come from the copy and art you use to compel the visitor to buy, click, register or take action. But this DYI tool makes it awfully easy to build a place to put those compelling communications.

After you easily pop-in and out of the form fields, add your images and links, you click through to the Settings Tab (across the top) and see this simple form:

Formstack landing page settings page

When you hit the “Publish” tab, you just get the link to your new page. Easy peasy.

I’ve used Formstack for my website forms for a while now. Creating forms or even surveys using the tool is super simple and the metrics and analytics you get from them on usage is strong. This new landing page product makes me think we’re going to see more from Formstack in the months and years to come. As a user of their services (and only compensated with a basic complimentary account) I’m excited to see what’s next. They do good work.

And this landing page creator is damn easy.

Certainly, there are some SEO and branding issues with having a landing page hosted on someone else’s site, but for a small business or a medium to large one driving digital marketing without a great deal of development support or resources, a solution like Formstack can help and get you headed in the right direction. Maybe your landing page will rock enough that you make enough money to hire the developers you need. But as long as you don’t have one, this is one DIY approach that can work.

Check out Formstack and its new landing page creator. Tell us what you think and see. Is it intuitive? Did the page your crated fit your expectations? And if you use one for a bit, come back and tell us the metrics so we can see whether or not the pages actually helped drive conversions or sales for you. The comments are yours.

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