Greg Hartle Inspires Entrepreneurs With $10 And A Laptop
Inspiring The World With $10 And A Laptop
Inspiring The World With $10 And A Laptop

Greg Hartle is an amazing guy. He had it all, lost it all, almost died, got healthy, gained it all back and then decided to do something strange to most of us: Gave it all up. He’s currently touring the country, starting with nothing but $10 and his laptop, eschewing previous networks and financial resources, depending upon his own ingenuity, creativity and the generosity of others, to show that it doesn’t take having friends or money to create something amazing.

Because his mission is really to use his own entrepreneurial knowledge and experience to share with and inspire others, it was easy to pick Greg as a runner-up recipient of one of our passes to last week’s BlogWorld & New Media Expo in New York. Little did I know, Greg not only came to the show, but essentially manned the Exploring Social Media booth with me and Jess Ostroff most of the time we were there.

At one point, I joked that he’d been named ESM’s Sr. VP for Somethingorother since he was right there pitching our social media marketing question-and-answer site and learning community to booth visitors.

But Greg’s story, not our little fun at BlogWorld, is what you need to hear. So, I turned on the camera and we talked about his big idea and hope for the project.

Keep an eye out for Greg as he dots around the country. Follow his lessons and interviews on his blog. Go see him when he visits places. Talk to him. Get inspired. And give the guy a lift (literally or financially) if you can. I’m convinced it’s people like Greg that change the world. If you don’t believe me just watch him.

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