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How A Law Firm Should Handle Their Digital Marketing Even In The Most Competitive Niches Of Law
How A Law Firm Should Handle Their Digital Marketing Even In The Most Competitive Niches Of Law

The law sector for the most part understands that search engine rankings are going to drive leads and traffic to the site which results in new clients. The cost of acquisition per client differs immensely as a bankruptcy attorney has less potential to earn with one client than a personal injury attorney would. The budgets are going to have to be higher for firms that have competitors that are putting in thousands of dollars per month on digital marketing. A great strategy can allow a smaller firm to compete with a much larger firm but they have to be creative and focus on content quality. The following are tips to help succeed in digital marketing in even the most competitive areas of law.

Establish Marketing Campaign Goals

A Nashville Injury Attorney or an injury attorney for that matter wants to have the highest number of quality clients possible. Getting a person into a meeting for a consult does not always mean that the firm is going to take their case. Marketing campaign goals need to be established so it can be determined whether the campaign went well or failed overall. A goal could be to climb up search engine rankings for a specific phrase which can have immense impacts on leads generated from the website. Establish these goals first then put a marketing strategy together with these goals in mind.  

Take A Look At What Top Competitors Are Doing

The one thing that many marketing companies will tell a firm is to look at what their competitors are doing. This can close the gap in search engine rankings quickly by building links on sites that have linked back to the competitor’s site. You will also be able to see if they are going after a quantity marketing campaign or a quality marketing campaign. Quantity campaigns that do not adhere to Google guidelines can result in a Google penalty or a complete deindexing of the site from the search engine. This can be hard to overcome and will cripple business in terms of online leads for the foreseeable future.

Online Reputation Management Only Needs To Be Done If Something Has Gone Poorly For The Law Firm

Online reputation management should only be done if there has been an issue. The mismanaging of a case or an arrest of an attorney at a firm are perfect examples of these. Marketing companies that insist on ORM services for a company that has never had a negative PR event is just a waste. This budget could easily be used for other forms of marketing that will deliver better results in terms of ROI.

Content Should Educate Instead Of Scare Potential Clients

Informing clients instead of using scare tactics is far more effective for a law firm. Explaining the complexities in simple terms will show a potential client handling their legal case themselves simply is not a good idea. Hiring a full-time writer is not necessary as a freelancer can handle both the blog content as well as offsite content for other publications for link building campaigns. Take the time to see commonly asked questions on the website or in person to help generate content that is entertaining as well as informative to website visitors.

As you can see this is just the tip of the iceberg for law firm digital marketing. Details are extremely important as earning one more client could be a huge case for a firm. Increase your client base on a monthly basis to consistently grow a law firm.

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