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How to get more likes on Instagram?
How to get more likes on Instagram?

One of the most used and downloaded Social media sites is the Instagram. It is one such platform where users can share their pictures or pictures of their art work or creativity and increase social contact. It is one of the best apps to stay connected, collect and store memories virtually. This platform is now being used for multiple purposes like affiliate marketing and so on.

If you are an Instagram user and are obsessed with it and want to grow more followers and likes on your Instagram account, then here is an article to help you all. In this article, we are sharing the ways through which you can increase the likes on our Instagram account. Here you go –

Buy Instagram likes

The easiest way to get more likes on Instagram is buying likes. Yes, this sounds a bit or more inappropriate but then that’s the truth. Unless you want to spend hours or days or weeks or even more to put in the effort to grow the likes on your profile, you don’t need to buy the likes.

However, if you want quick results and instant likes on Instagram, then this can happen ONLY by buying likes. You can certainly try any of the below methods to increase like which you may find more legit than this but if you are up for this method then here are the essentials about this method –

There are a number of options out there that offer free Instagram likes. However, not all of them are reliable enough to hinge on. We recommend you all to not rely on the Instagram Pages that offer to sell free Instagram likes. Many of them might be useful and genuine but not ALL.

Creative Content

Creative Content is directly proportional to the followers or likes on Instagram. That’s how simple and crucial it is to have content like no other on Instagram. When you have something unique, you do not even have to bother about the likes or followers. Your satisfaction will be enough and this will certainly add up virtually in the form of likes or followers as well.

Use Hashtags

Another major aspect while talking about Instagram is the Hashtags. Hashtags are a great and reliable way to grow on Instagram. People generally prefer following hashtags because it does not show up the number of people you will be following and you can also get a wide range of posts relating to that specific hashtag. So make sure to add a list of hashtags on your Post the next time you upload it.

Apply Instagram Filters

Instagram offers a special set of Editing filters as well as tools that can be used by people to edit the pictures before uploading them. Trust me, Instagram loves it when people actually use these filters.There are also a number of amazing filters for Stories on Insta. These too should be used to keep the app happy and thus enhance your follow or likes rate.

Be a Social Animal

As you sow, so shall you reap they say. Well the same implies for Instagram as well. The app appreciates users who engage with their followers and whom they follow. Often people are seen looking out for quick tips on how to engage Instagram followers. Well, the simplest way to add to your Instagram credits is to ask questions to your audiences. You can also comment on follower posts, send Direct Messages, Mention people on your Stories, tag others on your post, reply to others’ stories.

Active and Consistent ones win

Being active and consistent on Instagram makes a huge difference. This will meet the necessities of the Algorithm put by Instagram. Being active does not mean being online for the whole day and keeping your head into your phone. You should be active enough to respond to others’ posts, comment on their pictures or stories and not just stay focused on uploading your images.

Link Account

Another major way of letting Instagram know that you are engaged with this app totally and have a genuine identity is by linking your Instagram account to other applications like the ones mentioned in the Profile settings of Instagram. These include – Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Use Prime Hours

Using the right time to post on Instagram is essential. Posting on days like Saturday, Friday or Sunday might not end up well as nobody prefers admitting that they have nothing better to do on weekends than like someone else’s posts.

Also, use the prime hours to post pictures. The most useful time is the mid day when many people are just bored of their own stuff and are active on Insta. Another such time is after dinner when mostly people have free time in their hands.

Follow Instagram Community Guidelines

The Instagram Community has some really strict guidelines that can be read here. These guidelines makes sure that the community stays within its boundaries and that no ill procedure is performed.

One good example to mention here is that using screenshots of others’ content to make your Instagram profile look good will have adverse effects if someone reports it. You might get blocked permanently for such reasons. Hence following the Community Guidelines is essential to grow on Instagram.

Share appropriate

You are not the only one who will be sharing something on Instagram. There are thousands of people out there who will be posting food or gym related posts. But have you noticed, not all the food accounts have the same amount of followers. This variation is a result of the type of content shared by the users.

Now this just does not mean a good clarity picture or a better lightening. It also includes camera angles of the picture, content in it. Common things may be liked but common things in a common way are not always appreciated over this platform. So be sure to have the right type of content and the right way to execute it.

Concluding part –

Hope the article was of use. In case you have found it useful in increasing your Instagram account likes or followers, do let us know in the comment section below. Also, all suggestions in this regard are welcome.

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