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How to Use QR Code Generator API for App or Website
How to Use QR Code Generator API for App or Website

QR Codes has come a long way offering multiple benefits to businesses around the globe. Not long ago, these codes were considered just a mere data-sharing technique to provide extensive information about retail products. Today, you’ll see them in almost every industry. From education to health to retail to digital marketing, they’ve become an important part of the marketing world.

Why to use a QR Code?

Do you own a restaurant, a retail store, or a small business? If so, there are greater chances that you’ve also set up a business website to target customers globally, right? And if you haven’t been marketing your products through a website or App, you’re already a step behind your competitors.

Before buying a product or using a service, people are most likely to research it online, find more information, and determine if its worth to spend their hard-earned money. This is where QR codes come in handy.

Wouldn’t it be easier for people to know about your business if a QR code is available beside each of your product? Your targeted audience can just scan the code and learn more about the product/service. Sounds good?

How to Integrate QR Codes on My Website & App?

A QR Code Generator with a logo like QRzebra not only lets you customize your QR code per your brand or theme, its API also lets you integrate the QR codes directly on your website or App. Setting aside dozens of other benefits, the QRzebra API to integrate them on your business website makes it certainly the best choice to attract new customers, build trust, and utilize the complete potential of your business.

Some benefits of integrating QR codes on your website or app are as follows:

Track data

We live in a time where data has become more important then ever, with dynamic QR codes you can track data as location, time, device and how may people scan. Important data to understand your customer behavior.

Bulk Information

Sometimes, when there isn’t much space available on a landing page of your website/app, you can integrate a QR code to provide more information about a particular product. In simple words, you’re attaching a new landing page associated with the product/service.

Less Cost

Say goodbye to spending hundreds of dollars on marketing campaigns that weren’t getting you enough capital in return. With a QR code generator with logo, you can create customized QR codes for free and engage more customers by integrating them on your website/app. You don’t have to print them in bulk yet you can use the same QR code for different URLs – called Multi-URL QR Code. Multi-URL codes can redirect users based on their location, great to tailor your campaigns per geographic area.

Higher Engagement

With a customized QR code added right next to a product/service following a call-to-action, people are most likely to engage with your products. Offering discounts, cashback offers, welcome bonuses, and coupons through QR codes is also a good strategy to engage more customers.  Our You can do it to do a survey to understand what you customers think of your service.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, QR codes have become an integral part of the marketing world. They aren’t just an information-sharing utility but dynamic QR codes also let you keep track of user’s data i.e. the total number of scans, time of the scan, date of the scan, location, and even the device type. Sounds fair enough?

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