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How Zach Evans Mastered The Art Of Connecting With People Via Social Media Strategy
How Zach Evans Mastered The Art Of Connecting With People Via Social Media Strategy

Zach Evans has managed to harness his passion for piano technique with the reach of social media to create a membership program that has become a multi-million dollar company. Over the course of the last couple of years, he has learned which techniques and content work to help get his brand in front of his target audience, which is people just like himself.

Achieving Success Through Proven Strategy

Early on during his social media endeavors, Zach Evans learned that high-quality videos were essential for grabbing the attention of viewers on YouTube. Without quality offerings, there won’t be large numbers of subscribers and followers, which translates to the bottom line in his line of business.

Luckily, he has plenty of compelling information paired with smart, modern marketing techniques and strategies that help capture the attention of a bigger audience. Consistency is also a factor when it comes to gaining more followers. It is important to reach as many people as possible by posting at regular intervals and during peak hours. These efforts alone won’t convince viewers to keep watching, however. His has used his charismatic personality and humor to help connect with people combined with compelling topics that draw attention.

Highlights In His Marketing Efforts

Zach Evans knows that social media alone won’t allow a business to succeed. That is why he has also engaged viewers with a TEDx Talk where he discussed his strategy and what particular points of interest have been the most helpful. When it comes to social media, however, it is obvious that his efforts have paid off in the form of followers. He currently has over 100,000 followers on YouTube as well as Instagram, but in excess of 400,000 on Facebook.

Keep in mind that he has managed to accomplish all of this in just over 3 years, which is quite a feat today, especially with the amount of international competitions present in his field. Most of all, he wants to ensure that he keeps his customers and followers by producing a superior product. His system has proven to be highly effective and has produced incredible results for those who have become a member of Best Piano Tips. The website offers free sign-up for his online piano course, which is packed with tips and information to help students become piano super humans.

Zach Evans came from humble beginnings, but managed to overcome adversity and he has worked hard to learn these amazing skills and techniques that he is now passing on to those who wish to improve their playing ability by taking advantage his online courses. But skill alone wasn’t the only part of his formula for success. He also learned how to master the art of producing useable, marketable material for social media and the internet to propel his brand to great success.

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