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The Hype Magazine Masterfully Uses Social Media To Grow Globally
The Hype Magazine Masterfully Uses Social Media To Grow Globally

During the past few years, there have been a lot of changes when it comes to the entertainment industry. In the past, those looking to get involved in this area would have to start locally, hire an agent, and then wait for the opportunities to come their way. Now, this is changing. In today’s era, social media is a powerful tool that everyone can use to get their information out to their fans in short order. One magazine that has put this to use is called The Hype Magazine. Led by Jameelah Wilkerson, who goes by the name of Just Jay, this magazine is quickly making an impact on the industry.

The Hype Magazine started small. It was a local publication that was designed to communicate information about things that were happening in the world of entertainment in the local area. Just Jay worked hard to put together stories that she felt like her readers would care about. The Hype Magazine grew gradually until it started to leave the local area and have more of a national impact. This came about because Just Jay is an expert at using social media to grow the footprint of The Hype Magazine.

Without a doubt, the biggest location in which The Hype Magazine was popular was the digital world. This is how The Hype Magazine was able to compete with some of the largest publications out there. Using tools such as Twitter and Instagram, Just Jay was able to put the magazine in front of as many people as possible, helping her to grow her brand. As a result, The Hype Magazine grew as well. Today, it is a brand that is instantly recognizable.

Before long, the magazine found itself on the shelves of retail stores. It was positioned next to some of the biggest magazines to ever grace the planet such as People and Time. It simply reflects the powerful footprint that the magazine has today. Without tools such as social media, this would not have been possible. This is just another way that social media is changing the world. The entertainment industry has quickly embraced social media and has seen its potential. The only question is how social media and The Hype Magazine are going to impact the industry going forward.

Given the tremendous amount of skill that Just Jay has already demonstrated, it is clear that the magazine has a bright future. She will be able to take the magazine in whatever direction she chooses. Numerous stars have seen their careers jumpstarted by the magazine. It will be exciting to see what the future has in store for Just Jay.

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