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The Smart Way to Name a Business
The Smart Way to Name a Business

Business owners sometimes spend countless hours trying to think of the appropriate name for their new company. Fortunately, there are some tried and true principles for coming up with a name that helps to bring in potential customers. A smart place to begin is with a series of questions like, “Is the name catchy, meaningful, already taken, memorable and more. Finding the perfect name for a new business is a challenge. Putting in the hours, effort and expense can pay big dividends in the long run. Here are some of the most common ways to conjure up a business name that gets the job done.

Think “Catchy”

Even non-creative folks can ask for help from friends at this stage of the search. It helps to find a business name that has a certain ring to it. A common way of beginning in this direction of with the use of repeating consonants or vowels, as in “Tom’s Taxes,” “Mary’s Massage,” or a similar letter pairing that offers a built-in catchy title. Look through online business directories of similar companies and use other people’s ideas for inspiration, being careful not to copy any names directly. 

Is the Name Already Taken? 

After coming up with a name that is appropriately catchy, memorable, easy to remember and has an available website, have an attorney do a search to determine that no one else, anywhere, has ownership of that particular name. Some business owners try to do this step on their own but an attorney can conduct a thorough search. It’s worth the investment. 

Does the New Name Convey Meaning? 

A company’s name should convey meaning, typically including a hint about what the firm does. It’s obvious in the case of “Tom’s Taxes,” that Tom prepares income tax returns. “Mary’s Massage” offers therapeutic massage sessions. Orlando lawn care service is perfectly descriptive because it not only reveals the location but also the company’s main line of work. For start-ups, it helps to let the public know what the company does, even if that idea is conveyed by a single word. Other good examples are, “Kerry’s Car Care and Repair,” “Brad’s Bail Bonds,” and “Millie’s Mattress World.” 

Is the Name Easy to Remember?

If possible, owners should choose a name that is easy to remember. This task is easier said than done and might call for hours of brainstorming. Which would a consumer be more apt to remember, “Tammy’s Pub” or “Tornado Tammy’s Tavern”? Including any element that makes a name more memorable is worth the effort. Short, clever business names with a bit of pizazz are always easier for customers to remember. 

Is There a Matching Website And Social Media Handles Available?

One of the most important steps during a business name search is finding a matching website. The site doesn’t have to be a perfect match, but it should be close. “Larry’s Auto Repair” might work with a website like larrysautos-dot-com, or larrysrepair-dot-com. Owners need to remember that on online presence is a must, so the search for a business name should always include a closely-matched website as well as social media handles.

Shorter is Usually Better 

Not only are shorter names easier to remember, but if they contain all the other ingredients of a good name (being catchy, being descriptive of the business, and being available), shorter is almost always the way to go. Short names make for more efficient business cards, website copy and advertisements. Finding the perfect name for a new business is a challenge.

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