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Tips To Boost  Your Digital Skills and Advance Your Career
Tips To Boost Your Digital Skills and Advance Your Career

Do you feel unqualified in this digital world? Well, you are not alone! Because research suggests that many people also feel this way. Digital skills are extremely valuable, especially in the highly-demanding world we live in today. Whether you want to kick-start a career in a fast-growing tech field or you are seeking to reskill, crossskill, or upskill, here are some valuable top tips that are sure to help advance your career in this digital world.

Take advantage of opportunities

Sometimes we close our eyes to looming opportunities because of what is called “the fear of the unknown.” Many people even go as far as undermining the possibilities of learning new things on the internet. A good practice for anyone, interested in advancing their career, would be to look up relevant blogs, websites, and newsletters. Many of these platforms offer you opportunities to sign up with them for free and they equip you with some digital skills basics. Considering many of them operate without a fee, it is expected of you to do more research and online after obtaining the basic knowledge from these platforms. For instance, if you want to delve into the finance industry, you might need to familiarize yourself with some digital tools used in such fields such as Cloud, Process Robotics, Cognitive computing, Blockchain and lots more. Look up websites on Google, as many of them blog about these things. This will give you some much needed starting knowledge. You can also check online job boards to identify the skills you need to improve on as they often list down the qualifications needed in a vacant position. You can also sign up on other platforms such as Linkedin that can help you expand your professional network and meet experts in the industry you are in. 

Online Learning

This is, without a doubt, the most effective way to boost your digital skills and advance your knowledge. Once you’ve chosen a field of study you would like to learn, the next step would be for you to join an online course. There are numerous online learning platforms available on the internet today; some are free, while others are paid for. So, the choice is always yours! These online learning platforms offer immersive digital courses that are available at your fingertips from any device. Some of these digital learning platforms offer certification, while others don’t. However, regardless of whether you obtain a certification or not at the end of your program, online learning is a perfect way to boost your LinkedIn profile and CV. Many people are often concerned about their schedule. Some of them ask me, how do I manage to get an education when I have so tight schedule? Well, you need not worry, because online learning allows you to study at your own pace while services like Take My Online Class allow you to outsource unnecessary classes.


Are you always inspired by working intimately with other talented people? If so, a hackathon is the perfect place for you to practice and grow your digital skills. Hackathons are usually full-day programs where people get to collaborate intensively and shape their ideas on software projects. With a hackathon, you could be solving digital problems, creating new products or innovating novel strategies.


Digital boot camps and academies provide high impact learning that is aided by direct access to top-class mentors. These types of programs are ideal for those who probably run on a tight schedule. There are several coding boot camp courses online that will gradually shape your skills and advance your career.


There are thousands of digital-related events and programs happening each week across the globe, as well as a growing amount of highly engaged digital communities. For instance, London hosted 22,000 digital-related programs in 2016 which is more than any other European city, and the interesting part is that these events are often free!

Tech-related events give you the opportunity to mix and relate with professionals, in the digital world. These events also offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to join some of the world’s leading tech communities.


According to a report by TechNation, the primary recruitment challenge many digital businesses face is the lack of relevant industry experience. The implication of this is that if you are able to stand yourself out, by getting some relevant digital experience, you stand a great chance of landing yourself that perfect job. If you have little or no experience about how the digital world runs, you need to start from the bottom of the ladder with a relevant internship program.

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