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Web Design Trends in The Year 2019
Web Design Trends in The Year 2019

Web design is both a creative activity as well as a technological area as well. This brings with it the usual issues of compatibility and synchronism issues as such.  Although the year 2019 have seen many a technological innovation, it is cold comfort to know that design trends do change still and not always for the better. Yet, it is increasingly getting easier for the home based web designer or the small business owner to craft out a web site with little or no prior exposure to web design at all. 

We shall discuss in brief some of the most innovative methods in web design that have come to stay for the longer as the year 2019 passes by.  The most powerful ones or the most innovative ones are being laid out below.

1.The Role of AI

Although a lot of web design companies relate to the autonomous web design as AI at work, it is hardly that in fact.  With a lot of the independent autonomous DIY web site design work, it is the power of a data base that is being called to action.  The site normally sifts through a lot of old efforts to arrive at what would be the most appropriate thing to happen in making websites. 

One of the main advantages of this system is that it is adaptive to most conditions and can further be built upon at any time. Also it can be noticed that there are a fair range of options to choose from at any point of time. Thus it is basically a factor of mix and match at most times.

2.The Sepia Look WordPress Themes

WordPress Themes like Elegant themes and Mythemeshop has sepia look templates. Here the website theme is done in black and white or shades of grey most of the time.  This method brings to attention the contents of the website in greater power to the viewer and is not hampered by the use of graphics or colorful layouts at all time. What is to be noted is that most presentations have a range of whites and greys that can be used effectively to convey a message. It would be wrong to assume that black and white are two presentation forms when there are a range of shades between the two.

The one element that stands out on the sepia presentation is the fact that there is a greater scope for the display of emotions. The visage is seen to be far deeper than otherwise. Thus the webmaster gets to exercise a far greater freedom to express himself most of the time.

3. The Chat Box Culture

With the increased penetration of automation in web design, it has been possible to involve things like chat boxes to a greater extent than ever before.  Here again the possibility that the basic interaction can be automated by the bot adds greater attraction to the offerings. This facility enables the visitor to a website the freedom to engage with the site owner at any particular time to extract out the most simple of information.

But the Chat Boxes are not without its draw backs. The advantages of using them far outweigh the disabilities of the situation most of the time. At the end of the day, it is one more tool at communicating with the site owner and can prove to be quite useful when it comes to starting off the sales talk or pitch.

4.Greater Video Content

One of the stand apart features of web design in the year 2019 has been the use of videos to communicate with the viewer.  Not only does this bring on additional freedom to express themselves, it adds a very interactive means to the site as well. Few people could deny that a video presentation can be more informative than the simple text that clutters the web page most of the time. 

Increasingly there has been a marked demand for video presentations that stand out in their presentations. The whole video presentation has taken on an art form most of the time. One of the features of the video is that it tends to be much shorter in length comparatively and hence the message has to be delivered in the most succinct manner possible.

Moving into the future of web design the emerging trend to include more videos is going to gain strength even further still.  Thus the humble video presentation would get to be one of the most noticeable form of expression on the website.

5. Mobile Friendliness

With the people’s web browsing actions moving on to the smaller screens of the mobile phones and the tablets, it needs to take into account the fact that the area of interaction is getting ever so smaller. This makes it important to have thumb friendly interfaces to the web pages. This would enable the mobile phone to be used as a far greater utility than ever before.

Another interesting feature of web design is that fact that as days go by the mobile phones are getting to be far greater agents of interaction than ever before. Thus the need to have finger friendly navigation and use attains still more importance than ever before.

6. Diversifications

People are no longer satisfied with the appearance of the computer as a means to seem themselves. They are no longer relying on pictures to express themselves. Videos and interactive texts are the order of the day. Thus the theme is more diversity in the presentation of material and information. Increasingly the use of multiple devices and not just the mobile phone and desktop to get the eye balls of the viewer, the need to have diversified presentations gains all the more importance.

One of the effects of diversification has been the need to adopt variable formats or what is most commonly referred to as responsive web design most of the time. This thus caters to the need of the web site design in the year 2019 to a large extent.  The amount of diversification and flexibility can be gauged by the use of many sizes to the screens of mobile phones too.

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