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Ask someone about slavery, and they’ll typically think about the trade of African natives to Europe and North America a couple hundred years ago.

Tell them that slavery still exists today, and most will scoff. But the reality is pretty ugly. More slaves exist today then were trafficked in the trans-Atlantic slavery that was outlawed in the 1800s.

The UN estimates that there are 27 million people trapped in slavery around the world. The CIA estimates there are 1 million in the USA alone. And the city of Boston is one of the major ports of trafficking in the US. Many organizations of modern day abolitionists exist to rescue people out of trafficking. But when they’re out, the USA has woefully lacking resources for helping them rebuild their lives.

Amirah Boston Logo for Social Media Explorer's #GivingTuesday seriesAmirah is helping fix that.

A network of safe houses

Amirah is setting up a network of safe houses around Boston dedicated to providing effective, whole person aftercare for survivors of commercial exploitation. Amirah is partnering with law enforcement, social services experts, and other advocates and has created a program of care that is being praised by experts around the country.

Dedicated to helping women put back their lives together after enslavement–whether sex trafficking, slave labor, or other forms of coercion. Appropriately the name “Amirah” is a variant of Amira (Arabic, Persian), and means princess or female leader.

A start up already making a difference

The first residence is cleaned up and being renovated to accommodate the unique situation of survivors. Right now, Amirah needs to raise about $500,000 to fully open its first residence. But they aren’t letting that stop them. They’ve started running their Breaking Free groups with exciting success among the hundreds of survivors in the Boston area.

They are already helping women. But having a protected safe-house to stay in will help them so much more.

Get involved

To help Amirah open its house, please consider making a donation or becoming a monthly donor. Even $45/month will be a huge help for women putting their lives together.

You can also like them on their Facebook page.

To learn more about Amirah go to the site or watch their video on the Amirah YouTube channel:


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