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As a fundraising coach, I help nonprofits raise unrestricted dollars–gifts that they can use as needed. But there are times that, as a donor, it’s nice to know exactly exactly what your dollars are doing.

If you’re feeling that way today, check out Any of you who’ve been in public school, or have had kids in public school, know how ridiculously frustrating lack of funding can be. With all we pay for public education, it seems that teachers should be able to have things like books for their students.

But they don’t.

Clearly educational policy is as complex as healthcare. There are lots of debates to have and lots of tough choices to make. But kids shouldn’t have to suffer while we have those important conversations.

Donors Choose Logo - featured on Social Media Explorer's #GivingTuesdayThat’s where comes in. Teachers can post what they need, and people can choose to give. Even better, purchases the materials and sends them so you know that the teacher is getting exactly what they need.

And 70% of projects are successfully funded!

Here’s a list of projects that are almost funded. Most need less than $20: reports back for gifts of any size, even as small as $1. But if you give $50 or more, you get thank you’s from the students too. Pretty cool, huh?

They also have a Celebrations page for you to organize a fundraising project in lieu of a birthday gift.

FMI check out this video by Morgan Freeman:


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