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There is no sadder sight in the world than a sick child. That is why when I heard about the simple, yet amazing, work that Heart Heroes does I instantly knew I’d be profiling them here. Heart Heroes, Inc is a 501(c)(3) organization based out of Omaha, Nebraska. Their mission is to provide support and comfort to children and families affected by congenital heart defects (CHD) through the distribution of superhero capes and other forms of encouragement and inspiration.

Started in 2009 by two moms of children battling CHD who wanted to empower their children throughout their journey. They learned by wrapping their child in the simple idea of a superhero cape, their children felt invincible while visiting their cardiologists. In many cases, the children found comfort in their cape amidst a crowd of medical professionals, especially if they couldn’t have the comfort of their parents’ arms during some procedures.

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After seeing the results in their own children they decided to do more by giving capes to any family who requests one for their children.

They not only ship a cape to the child, but they sew their initial on it and of course the cape comes in their favorite color!

I for one was deeply touched by this story when I first learned about it on the nightly news. With that exposure they’ve gone from a small group sending out a couple of capes a day to not being able to keep up with demand.

This is why I wanted to make you aware of this great group because they need donations more than ever.

If you need more of a nudge take some time to read through their blog that is filled with stories and photos of the children and their capes.

You can learn more about them on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and of course on their official website.

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