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eos: A Smooth Case Study
eos: A Smooth Case Study

Hats off to you, eos. With over one million fans on Facebook and more than 68,000 Twitter followers, the Evolution of Smooth (eos) brand has secured itself as a trend-setting, leading line of “stylish and effective daily-use beauty products” with an impressive presence on social media. The eos smooth sphere is currently the most coveted lip balm for fashionistas of all ages, redefining what it means to “moisturize in style”, as well as one of the most cleverly featured.

eos plays to their younger demographic with a strong social presence, focusing a large part of their marketing efforts on platforms such as Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook rather than on traditional advertising. And it’s working. A quick search for “eos lip balm” yields an influx of blog posts, Facebook posts and Youtube video testimonials from eos fanatics that exemplify just how deep the love for this brand runs. We think the brand deserves a round of applause for their brand positioning and audience engagement on their social media platforms, specifically on their Facebook page.

Brand Positioning

eos ParfaitThe eos Facebook page is dedicated to marketing their products as “trendy” through a playful tone and fun imagery tied to lifestyle and current events, always with a fashion cue.  The fashionable colors, conversational tone and relevant content lends itself to the perception that eos is a brand that is cool and current, and keeps fans on their toes in anticipation of what eos will post next. Their products are positioned as an inexpensive way to emulate style and be viewed by others as cool. Who wouldn’t make the $3.50 smooth sphere a daily essential when featured with color blocking and parfaits?

Audience Engagement

From Mother’s Day to the anniversary of the Polaroid camera’s debut, eos always has a reason to celebrate and present a strong visual connection to their product. Current events are not an oversight for this brand, who have exemplary posts for everything from Rihanna’s hit “Diamonds” to the election and those trendy photo booths you’ve seen at every wedding this year. And we’re not the only ones engaging with these impressive posts. Each post averages thousands of likes and hundreds of comments and shares, reaching far beyond their one million fans.


Let’s Kick it into High Gear

Social engagement on the eos Facebook page is well underway, but we think it’s time this brand turns it up a notch and three simple suggestions to increase their ROI and footprint on Facebook: Implement an ecommerce platform within their Facebook page, include a customer service app and increase the thought leadership.

Ecommerce Platform

We love the “Where to Buy” app on eos’s Facebook page, but think a purchase can be made easier. A recent report from Syncapse  shows that the leading reason a fan follows a brand’s page, at 49%, is because they actually like the brand. So, your Facebook fans are your loyal customers. Why not capitalize on this audience and make it easier than ever to make a sale while your brand is top of mind, without adding an extra step of driving to the store or even leaving their Facebook window? Adding this valuable secondary sales channel can be done through programs such as Shopify and allows the point-of-sale opportunity to happen immediately. Including functionality that allows fans to like, comment on and share their purchase deepens the experience. Convenience and opportunity is the name of the game here.

Customer Service App

eos is targeting a younger demographic that utilizes social media as their go-to information source, so why not make their Facebook page a place to learn more about its products? Eos should include a customer service app that includes FAQs and contact information to direct further questions, where their consumers can seek out information on their products. Right now, eos is missing the opportunity to educate fans on things such as their 95% organic, 100% natural and paraben, gluten and petrolatum free lip balm as well as the benefits of their shave cream, which could result in a missed sale. Offering this information on an app gives consumers a place to seek out answers to their questions before posting on the brand’s wall or throwing in the towel and settling for another product that they are already familiar with. This customer service app also serves as a “home base” for the eos social media manager, where they can update to accommodate popular inquiries as well as refer back to for additional information. Contact information should be housed in the customer service app as well, making it easier than ever to get in touch with a brand representative. American Express does a great job of providing important information to clients with a variety of needs.  We think this customer service app is what eos needs to not only be a trend setter in beauty products, but also the brand keeping consumers “in-the-know”.

Thought Leadership

Speaking of “in-the-know”, we think eos has an opportunity to expand by cranking up the content and including posts with content and commentary around specific trends happening now in addition to their fashionable images. The brand does a great job of using a playful, light tone and putting their product in situation with current events such as the Super Bowl the Oscars, but think weaving in posts that educate fans on current trends and pop culture news will further solidify them as a go-to source for all things cool.


eos does an exemplary job of managing their Facebook page, and clearly their following agrees. We think with a few additional components, the brand could maximize their social presence and see a spike in their ROI.

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