Gen Z is Changing Business in the Social Media Landscape
Gen Z is Changing Business in the Social Media Landscape
Gen Z is Changing Business in the Social Media Landscape

The 2 billion people that make up Gen Z were all born between 1995 and 2010, growing up during the birth of the Internet.  As such, they spend the most time online out of all generations, even spending up to 10 hours per day on mobile devices. Let’s learn about Gen Z brands and their relationship in social media.

Currently, Gen Z’s favorite brands (in order) are Google, Netflix, and YouTube.  Clearly a technology-focused age group, Gen Z relies on social media to connect with not just each other, but businesses as well.  And considering around half of Gen Zers get their news from social media, businesses who promote themselves on these platforms have a direct line of communication to this increasingly important target audience. 

But social media acts as more than a broadcasting platform for companies, it serves as a two-way street of communication. In fact, 44% of Gen Z consumers purposefully interact with posts to influence the algorithm and reach the content they are looking for.  This allows them to find the perfect businesses that hold similar values to their own, including environmental responsibility and inclusivity practices. 

With the increase in online shopping, connecting technology and business is a clear route to the ever-important Generation Z.  Nearly half of all teens in the United States are online more than 10 hours a day, and two out of three are interested in making a purchase through social media directly.  If businesses are to connect with this young generation of consumers, they must do so through authentic online relationships. Learn more about Gen Z brands below:

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