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Mocktail: Innovations in the Beverage Market
Mocktail: Innovations in the Beverage Market

Sodas are one of the most popular drinks in the world, however, non-alcoholic beverages have gained more attention in recent years as governments in various countries have put taxes on sugary drinks to limit consumption.  The beverage market is currently growing and changing with the following five categories gaining the most attention.  

The Water Market

Functional waters have consumers turning down sugary drinks for herb-infused waters that are sparkling or still.  These waters usually include healthy additives such as vitamins, minerals, or fruits that can help with weight loss.  Its benefits on human nutrition have also helped drive the growth of functional waters.  Some brands are creating an organic drink option that are aimed at helping consumers maintain better health.  Growing awareness of the positives of consuming organic products as well as a preference for natural flavors have helped increase the popularity of organic beverages.  

The Ready to Drink Market

The desire to get quicker access to drinks that usually take a while to make has helped fuel the innovation of ready-to-drink (RTD) tea and coffee to the point that they can be bought in the form of cartons, cans, and bottles.  Demand for alternatives to sugary drinks and the adoption of healthier habits by the public have helped RTD drinks become a satisfying option for many.  However, those looking for a caffeine-free energy boost are choosing to drink herbal teas instead.  Innovations such as functional add-ins and nitro offerings have revamped the cold tea industry and increased people’s preference for herbal and oxidized tea.  

The Rise of the Mocktail

Although there are many healthy alternatives to drinking alcohol and sugary drinks, alcoholic beverages have continued to gain attention especially with the introduction of innovative alcohol flavors.  Brands that are acknowledging the healthy drinks trend are offering alcoholic beverages that include more ingredients and flavors that are good for people to consume, such as apples and citrus fruits.  The increasing number of people who are less likely to drink alcohol on a regular basis or want a healthier option when drinking out but still have the desire to experience the sophisticated flavors found in mixed drinks has helped boost the popularity of mocktails, or alcohol-free mixed drinks.  A mocktail can even be a safe way for families to enjoy a special moment with their kids. 

New and innovative beverage trends have helped the non-alcoholic beverage market to boom with the chance for further growth in the near future.

The Rise of the Mocktail
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