Could the End of Spam Calls Could Be Near?
Could the End of Spam Calls Could Be Near?
Could the End of Spam Calls Could Be Near?

The end is near on the future of spam phone calls. And good riddance! The moment you sit down to dinner or are expecting that important business call, it’s likely to be a clever spammer that has figured out how be even more intrusive into our lives as time goes on. If you think that you’re the only one getting all of these calls, think again. In 2020, Americans received nearly 46 billion robocalls – that’s over 2,000 calls per second! Read on to learn how STIR/SHAKEN may be able to turn the tide.

Businesses are surely having a hard time being in the crossfire of all of this spam. If you’re a legitimate business, how can you get through? Many spammers found a way to get us more likely to answer the phone by picking a number apparently in the same area code that we are in – many times not actually being in the same area code. This is a tactic commonly known as neighbor spoofing. Luckily, phone carriers have been hard at work creating algorithms to stop all of this spam. You’ve likely encountered some of this on your phone when you see a “scam likely” or “spam risk” or even as an unknown caller.

While these are great strides in stopping spam, many businesses end up getting flagged as spam in the process. Thankfully, there is a new way to verify your number through STIR/SHAKEN, new regulations to stop robocalls.

Learn more about how STIR/SHAKEN is soon to be changing the landscape of the future of phone calls in the visual deep dive below:

STIR/SHAKEN Is Changing The Future Of Phone Calls

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