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Sustainable Commerce: How eBay is Going Green
Sustainable Commerce: How eBay is Going Green

When people talk about climate change, there’s a lot of focus on how governments and IGOs are responding to the problem.  The truth is that climate change will impact everybody.  Businesses that want to serve customers in the future need the resources to do so, and that requires a livable planet.  Companies should treat sustainability initiatives the way they would any other investment in their future. Let’s learn about sustainable commerce below.

E-commerce giant eBay is a shining example of how to go green as a company.  Since inception, eBay has extended the life cycle of products by encouraging resale on its platform.  720,000 metric tons of carbon emissions were conserved thanks to people selling their pre-owned electronics and apparel on eBay.  

Yet eBay doesn’t stop there.  eBay is also committed to supporting widespread, affordable clean energy for all.  The company’s goal to become 100% powered by renewables in 2025 is already 3/4 met.  One of the reasons eBay has been able to expand their use of renewables so fast is their partnership with other businesses.  Last August, eBay teamed up with McDonalds to purchase solar energy from Lightsource bp. Lightsource is the largest solar project in Louisiana.  

As recently as last week, eBay approved an ambitious goal to reduce their Scope 1 and 2 Carbon emissions 90% by 2030.  eBay also agreed to reduce value chain (Scope 3) emissions by 20% during the same timeframe.  The company will be carbon neutral in their offices and data centers by the end of 2021. See more about sustainable commerce in the following infographic below:

eBay sustainability and recommerce

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