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The Science of Analytics [Infographic]
The Science of Analytics [Infographic]

Many organizations know they should do better when it comes to becoming a data-driven organization. The thing about human behavior is that we often know what we should do in order to improve, but the status quo and inertia of a situation to keep doing what we’ve always done in the past often sets in and clouds our thinking.

Maybe we could all use a gentle nudge to consider making more data-driven decisions instead of just going with our gut. Consider that only 24% of executives had created data-driven organizations. Perhaps even more shocking is that 73% of all data within an organization is never even analyzed.

Google Analytics can get you part of the way there, but there are some serious power tools found within Google Analytics 360. Advanced tools such as BigQuery Export, Data Driven Attribution and more are accessible as well as benefits of privacy, support and training. Also shorter delays in accessing new data, unlimited sessions and reports that combine data from several properties. 

If you are an organization that needs to make marketing and advertising decisions daily, desires more advanced analysis of hit-level data, or simply needs better integration with other Google products, Google Analytics 360 will not only be a helpful tool to begin using but a necessary one as well. Google Analytics 360 is the solution for anyone who wants to get the most out of their data, especially to those who are looking for a little help to get started.

Learn more about harnessing the power transforming into a data-driven organization through the visual deep dive below:

The Science of Analytics
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