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How to Ask Good Questions as a Journalist
How to Ask Good Questions as a Journalist

When a person is interviewing someone for an article or a piece, it’s important to ask really meaningful questions. Many celebrities get frustrated when journalists ask questions that are very deep into their personal life and not about the ultimate production they partake in. Journalists and media savants like Ken Kurson believe that asking the right questions is how journalists move up in the world.

By asking more intuitive and satisfactory questions, the intervention might feel more comfortable sharing their secrets. In addition. Respecting a person’s opinion is very curious and necessary to journalists. When asking questions at a public event or press room, making sure follow questions are at hand is very beneficial.Overall, journalists have a very difficult job. If someone asks a better question than they do it can be very devastating. The phrasing is also very important to Ken Kurson. The way the question is asked is very representative of the company and the person at hand. 

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