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Working to Stop Climate Change
Working to Stop Climate Change

There are a variety of companies that have promised to be carbon-net zero-emission in the next few years. One of those astounding companies is Google. For people who live in California like Alexander Djerassi this is wonderful news. Greenhouse gases are the most significant cause of climate change. Carbon dioxide levels have never been higher on this planet. That is why Google, Amazon, IKEA, and Microsoft are doing their part by removing the amount of carbon dioxide they produce. By 2050, Microsoft’s goal is to remove the atmospheric carbon that it has produced since 1975. Many other companies are going to start using electric automobiles to deliver goods instead of one’s powered by gas. The more sustainable these companies are, the more they will bring in customers. Think about how much carbon dioxide the earth has and how much just a few companies can change that amount. Of course, people will support companies that are doing their part to save the planet.

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