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Creating a Successful Mobile App – 3 Things You Definitely Must Have
Creating a Successful Mobile App – 3 Things You Definitely Must Have

Three billion.

That’s the estimated number of smartphone users in 2018 according to research conducted by Newzoo. And that number is only set to increase.

According to another report by Variety, consumers spent $101 billion on mobile apps in 2018. A sure testament that the mobile app market is here to stay.

With such a large number of users, it is becoming easier to find users for your mobile app. However, keeping those same users is a whole different ball game.

It takes more than a good idea to create a successful app.

3 Things Every Successful App Must Have

In order for your app to crush the newest Candy Crush game, you will have to play your cards right. Here are a few things you just must have in your strategy.

1. Research

Before even dreaming of writing the code for your app, you first have to do your homework. This means research what people are looking for in a mobile app.

There are 2.8 billion apps on the Google Play Store and 2.2 billion on Apple’s App Store according to Statista. That means there’s basically an app for everything. That, however, shouldn’t stop you from creating your own. All you have to do is research what similar apps to yours are missing or how you can improve on them.

Explore what needs still exist in the app space, or understand which apps are currently not doing a great job filling a need. Take inspiration from apps that already exists but have a clear way to improve it. There is always an opportunity if you can clearly articulate why your app is different from others.

2. Use Kick-Ass Designers

The experience of an app is just as important as its functionality.

When it comes to mobile apps, many good ideas have flopped because of using sub-par designers. Design goes beyond just the font choice and color pallet and can influence the UI the user experience. The best designers create an awesome experience for the users that lead to more purchases, longer in-app time and overall happier users.

Finding the right designer for your needs may be difficult, but there are a few key tips to hire UX designers.

3. Extensive Testing

Taking an app to market before extensively testing it out first is a sure recipe for disaster. Testing allows you to see, not only what’s working and what’s not, but also where you can improve on to give your customers the best experience.

Testing can also be done at the prototype level. Ask friends and family members if they would use your app, or if it fits one of their need. Getting input early in the development can help steer you the right way.

Before releasing the app to the world, you must do extensive testing.  Remember, there are 2.8 billion apps on the Google Play Store alone. If a user is not satisfied with your app’s performance, they will quickly dump it for another. And once you lose them the first time around, it’s next to impossible to entice them back.

The worst part of losing a user due to bugs and glitches is that they will warn others to stay away from your app by way of a negative review.

Mobile App Success – It’s All in the Planning

Creating a successful mobile app is more a function of strategic planning than it is of coming up with a good idea. Doing your research beforehand will set you up for later success. Assembling the right team, including a strong designer, will help all elements of the app work better for the customer. Finally, extensive testing during prototyping through final release will ensure your app is useable and fits a need. From conception to launch all the way up to marketing, you will have to ensure that you do it right.

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